January 20th, 2014

DK accuses research institute director of Holocaust denial

The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) has filed a complaint against the director of a newly founded historical research institute who, DK said, had publicly denied a crime committed by the national socialist regime, the party told MTI on Monday.

Sandor Szakaly, head of the Veritas institute, told MTI in an interview last week that the deportation of the first group – some 10,000 people – from Hungary during WWII qualified as an “alien citizens’ procedure” because the deportees were not Hungarian citizens.

Szakaly’s remarks created a stir in Hungary, with both DK and the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz) demanding that the director should resign or his appointment should be withdrawn.

“As the deported Jews were massacred by SS members, it was clearly a genocide committed by the national socialist regime,” DK said on Monday.

Citing historical studies, it said that Hungarian officials had also been involved in the massacre or had information about what fate the deportees would face.

In an ATV interview on Sunday, Szakaly apologised to “those whom he may have insulted” with the statement. He added that he might have been wrong.

The historian said that most of the 11,000 to 18,000 stateless people deported to Nazi-occupied Kamyanets-Podolsky in Soviet Ukraine had been killed by Ukrainian militiamen and German troops.

Set up recently, Veritas will start operation in February and focus on Hungary’s history between 1867 and 1990.

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  • ViktorZoroban

    As the sayings go “Ficta voluptatis causa sint proxima veris. Fictio cedit veritati.
    Hungarians don’t want the Truth; they want Fairytales & Glory!

    • szgp

      Which part of the truth do you favor?

      • ViktorZoroban

        All parts of the little truths that can be altered so that the Great Truth emerges – it’s all my mind will ever believe.

        • szgp

          I figured as much.

  • MagyarViking

    “The historian said that most of the 11,000 to 18,000 stateless people
    deported to Nazi-occupied Kamyanets-Podolsky in Soviet Ukraine had been
    killed by Ukrainian militiamen and German troops”

    Oh, then that is OK then?
    It was Hungarian Gendarmes who rounded up these people they saw as Jews
    Hungarian Jews were rounded up also, even being Hungarian citizens, then either they did not have their papers on them, or the Hungarian Gendarmes were not interested in checking the papers

    This person, Fidesz serial-appointed Sandor Szakaly, was employed at the Hungarian Military History Department, so he should be well aware of Hungarian Military history of 1930-40s, to make such a remark was not an error
    The remark comes from a person who sincerely believes what he uttered
    It is a question of regarding Jews as 2nd class citizens, like cattle OK to slaughter

  • szgp

    I have not read this in context. But I don’t see it as Holocaust denial. Hungary sent people for whatever reason to face execution squads, and he admits that. How is that denial?

    • MagyarViking

      It was the start of organised masskillings:
      “It is not clear whether the 10,000–20,000 Jewish refugees (from Poland and elsewhere) were counted in the January 1941 census. They and anyone who could not prove legal residency since 1850, about 20,000 people, were deported to southern Poland and either abandoned there or were handed over to the Germans between July 15 and August 12, 1941. In practice, the Hungarians deported many people whose families had lived in the area for generations. In some cases, applications for residency permits were allowed to pile up without action by Hungarian officials until after the deportations had been carried out. The vast majority of those deported were massacred in Kameniec-Podolsk (Kamianets-Podilskyi) at the end of August”

      “One of the first and largest Holocaust mass-murder events occurred on August 27–28, 1941 near the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi. In those two days, 23,600 Jews were killed, most of them Hungarian Jews (14,000-16,000) and the rest mainly local Ukrainian Jews. As the researchers of the Holocaust point out, the Kamianets-Podilskyi massacre was the first mass action in the “final Solution” of the Nazis, and the number of its victims reached 5 figures. Eye-witnesses reported that the perpetrators made no effort to hide their deeds from the local population”

  • Standard

    “Holocaust denial” as thought crime, severely punishable. Who said Jews don’t run the country?

  • lotzi

    Hungary wanted to get rid of some of its “unwanted”.In the spring of 1941 somewhere between 30 000 and 60 000 Serbs were deported from Hungary (mostly to Serbia but not only).
    In the case of the deportation from Hungary to Ukraine of the Jews without citizenship (“aliens”) is not that clear whether the Hungarian authorities knew that the deported Jews would be shot by the Germans (after all the Kamyanets-Podolsky massacre is said to be “the first mass shooting” of this kind).

    Recently, France deported scores of Gypsies from France back to Romania and Bulgaria where they came from despite the fact that the “human rights activists” say that the Gypsies face “widespread discrimination” in those countries.

    • Vidra

      Ever heard the phrase “two wrongs don’t make a right”?

      • lotzi

        No, I have only heard about the Holocaust.Day in day out, ad nauseam.

        • Vidra

          You must be deaf in one ear.

  • Vidra

    DK should be defending this educated fool, not climbing on the bandwagon. He didn’t deny that the facts took place (certainly not a Holocaust denier), and DK should focus on attacking a paymaster that thinks that loyalty and incompetence (Szakaly is a MILITARY historian, ffs, not an expert in politics or social history) will produce the results they want in any sphere.

  • lotzi

    o tempora o mores

    “Around 10,000 African refugees have taken their protest to the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem on the fourth consecutive day of demonstrations and strikes against harsh detention laws, and to demand the authorities consider their asylum claims.The speaker of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, refused to allow entry to a delegation to attend a meeting …”


    • Vidra

      Show your humanity by inviting one of the African refugee families to stay with you, then. One wrong (fractionally) righted.

  • Freedom

    I really like how we just accept that 10,000 to 20,000 were deported at first. We accept that without even questioning the number of therefore the whereabouts of these people who allegedly died as a resort of the deportation.

    What needs to take pace is open, serious, and non-emotional dialogue on this and other incidents of that era. If Jews and their partners in the racist Holocaust industry don’t like it oh well.

    90% of what we think we know about the Holocaust comes from misinformation distorted during the Communist times. For example, at first Polish Communist authorities claimed 4 million died in Auschwitz, but this death toll was exaggerated by 3 million. For several decades we only knew what the Communist officials running the camp claimed. In other areas this has been the same, Poles who were murdered by Soviet forces were then claimed to have been killed by Nazis. Jews who allegedly died in Ukraine or Belarus were found alive in Canada, New York and Israel. A lot must be addressed because much of what we think we know about the Holocaust is inaccurate. People should not be forced to understand the Holocaust with outdated, phoney, and misleading studies done in the Communist time.

  • MagyarViking

    If any one wondered how Sandor Szakaly, head of the Veritas institute and his office looks like here it is

    He is sitting there between pictures and statues of Horthy and a historical map of GreaterHungary…so no one should really be surprised Sandor called the Hungarian rounding up Jews to deliver to be killed off as “alien citizens’ procedure”

    • szebbjovot

      Swedish moron.
      1) That is not a map of “greater Hungary”, but a map of Hungary before Trianon.
      2) That is not a statue of Horthy, but a statue of the Gendarme.

      • MagyarViking

        !) Smaller Hungary?
        2) You have the picture to left in the picture and who knows who is under that rooster-hat?

        • szebbjovot

          1) Idiot, Hungary proper.
          2) Horthy did not wear a rooster hat. That picture is not Horthy either.

          • MagyarViking

            OK, so who is on the picture?

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