January 21st, 2014

Civil orgs appeal to ombudsman over unlimited pre-trial detention

The Eotvos Karoly Institute and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee have decided to appeal to the ombudsman over a new legislation under which suspects could be held in pre-trial detention for an unlimited period of time, which they think is against the constitution.

According to a statement sent to MTI on Tuesday, the Eotvos Institute will request Ombudsman Laszlo Szekely to elevate the case to the Constitutional Court and propose that the legislation, passed last November, should be scrapped.

The civil organisations said the legislation runs contrary to the humanitarian principle and the right of personal freedom.

Signatories to the appeal also said that “the guarantees for fundamental rights should not be curbed… the level of protection for fundamental rights cannot be lowered in a rule of law.”

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  • Standard

    “pre-trial detention for an unlimited period of time”

    Looks like Hungarians, just like Gitmo inmates are not entitled to a “speedy trial”.
    They can spend life in prison without ever proven guilty. Even the previous 5 year limit was outrageous, why does it take forever to get a trial?
    If the police have manged to gather enough evidence, then let’s get on with it, if not let the guy go. I’d rather see a guilty person walk free than and innocent one suffering for nothing. Whoever came up with this idea should be locked up. Indefinitely. Why should people suffer from the total incompetence of our silly legal system? Many people are accused with non-violent, victimless “crimes”, like growing and smoking marijuana, let them go, already.

    • MagyarViking

      “Whoever came up with this idea should be locked up. Indefinitely”

      Fidesz – Who else…

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