February 13th, 2014

Hungary signs agreement with Huawei during Chinese visit

Representatives of Huawei Technologies Hungary and the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) signed a declaration of intent on plans by the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker to expand in Hungary, Huawei’s local unit said on Wednesday.

The agreement was signed in Beijing, in the framework of an official visit by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. It includes plans to establish a software application and service development innovation centre in Hungary. The centre would conduct research in internet-based TV, among others areas.

HITA has committed to supporting Huawei’s endeavours to expand its activities in Hungary and will help the campaign gain access to tax preferences, financial subsidies and qualified labour.

Janos Berenyi, chairman of the HITA, said the declaration of intent outlines plans for a long-term partnership with Huawei Hungary and its parent company, Huawei Technologies.

Huawei and the Hungarian government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in April of last year. In the framework of the agreement, Huawei boosted its headcount in Hungary to 2,500 and expanded its warehouse space by 30,000sqm. Under the agreement, Huawei brought the Chinese cable-maker Shenzhen Comlink to Hungary, which started production in Budapest in March 2013.

The company has also launched a 30-million-forint scholarship programme for students of two Hungarian universities.

Huawei Technologies Hungary has operated in Hungary at its Budapest centre since 2005. It has assembly centres supplying Europe in Pecs (S) and Komarom (N) and a regional logistics centre in Biatorbagy, west of Budapest.

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