February 13th, 2014

Radical nationalists hurl EU flags through Parliament window

A deputy of the radical nationalist Jobbik party and an independent lawmaker removed two European Union banners from Parliament’s assembly hall and threw them out of the building through a window to Kossuth Square on Thursday.

Before the act, Jobbik’s Tamas Gaudi-Nagy lambasted the government for allowing foreign nationals to buy agricultural land in Hungary and called the relevant bill a “capital treason”.

Gaudi-Nagy was joined by independent (formerly Jobbik) lawmaker Balazs Lenhardt.

Jobbik’s deputies once before protested against Hungary’s new land act by occupying the speaker’s pulpit.

Gaudi-Nagy told MTI that Hungary’s land would be “turned over to foreigners” from May 1. He blamed the European Union and called for resistance. He also said it was unacceptable that the EU flags, which he called “symbols of colonisation” were put up in the assembly hall, though it is not a legal requirement for parliament.

Deputy Speaker Istvan Jakab announced shortly after that the flags had been put back to the assembly hall. He also said that parliament would launch a procedure.

At the start of the plenary session on Thursday, five independent lawmakers flied orange balloons.

“One can play the fool in the House, voters will decide whether they buy the idea or not,” House Speaker Laszlo Kover reacted to the issue. He added that the action and similar “performances” only demonstrated that those parties admit they enjoy no substantive support.

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  • Havelaar

    “Radical nationalists hurl EU flags through Parliament window”

    It is about time the EU stops paying these Jobbik and Fidesz bills.(EU
    subsidies to develop the Country)

    They will starve.

  • Aloof

    Just goes to show what a bunch of nuts constitute the government in Hungary in Jobbik and Fidesz. Just like Orban proclaiming to the Chinese that Hungary is the “economic engine” of the EU. I mean it’s just downright embarrassing.

  • Standard

    EUnazis go home.

    • MagyarViking

      We live here…as this is EU, so you leave

      • Standard

        “We live here…as this is EU, so you leave”

        This is not the EU, we locals just call it Hungary.
        You have many EU friendly countries to choose from, why keep suffering in our “backward” country, move on and criticize your new place of exile. Or go back where you were born and raised(?).
        Jobbik will have 4/5th majority, and the EU just have to find another colony to suck the blood out of.

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