March 7th, 2014

Left-wing alliance changes its name

The left-wing alliance is changing its name from “Összefogás” (Unity) to “Kormányváltás” (Change of Government), Socialist campaign chief Zsolt Molnár told ATV on Thursday.

Insisting that “Unity” was the alliance’s slogan, not its name, he said the word would not have been put on ballots in any case, as it is the name of another party and could be misleading.

Besides, he said, everyone has come to realise that opposition unity has been brought about, so it is no longer worth using that slogan in the final lap of the campaign.

“Kormányváltás” will be the new slogan, he said.

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  • Hungarian

    Ha ha…
    Great name!
    Reminds me the movie, once upon a time in the west…
    I can picture Mesterszarhazi as Charles Bronson, taking out of his pocket a harmonica and shove it up in the mouth of the bad guy who killed his brother played by Gyurcsany Ferengi;)

    • It’s perfect timing… The elections will be held in 30 days.

      • Hungarian

        I just can’t stop laughing looking at the show they put up.
        I wonder who will be the leader of MSP after Mesterszarhazi and how long this sweet unity will last after the elections.

        My gutts feeling sais it’s going to be nasty after April in unity land…

  • Oh, well, blow after blow… 😀

    The postcommies are fleeing from the press after the interview János Zuschlag, an ex-MSZP politician who spent 6 years in prison for his criminal activities, gave to Napi Gazdaság.

    • thebetterview

      Yes! 🙂 Cusi gives Gyucsany a proper drubbing! Gyurcsany knew all about the filthy money horde. So, it seems, did all the MSZP big guns. Little wonder none of them is keen to face the press.

  • BTW, besides “Összefogás Párt” (which is not MSZP and its splinters), there will be a “Együtt 2014 Párt”, too, in the elections… 😀
    That’s a fake party established by an ex-MSZP politician called György Tiner… who asked 100,000 Euros from Goose Thief so that they wouldn’t run in the elections.

    • thebetterview

      They should have named themselves a little more accurately. I suggest: ‘Kormányváltás Áldozatai’. And their emblem should be a begging bowl.

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