March 9th, 2014

Support for Jobbik grows but unchanged for Fidesz, left

A poll conducted by Szazadveg at the end of February shows support for radical nationalist Jobbik increased, while governing Fidesz-KDNP maintained their significant advantage over the opposition parties.

Support for centre-right Fidesz-KDNP among all voters was 32 percent.

Support for the joint list of parties on the left, including the Socialists, E-PM, the Democratic Coalition (DK) and MLP (Liberals) was also unchanged from January at 20 percent. LMP had the support of 4 percent of voters, while the other parties had the support of 2 percent.

The group supporting Jobbik rose to 13 percent from 11.

Among voters with clear party preferences, support for the governing alliance stood at 51 percent, while that for the left was 27 percent, slightly less than in January. The percentage of these voters who said they would vote for Jobbik rose to 16 percent from 14 gauged in January. LMP had 5 percent support among the voters and other parties 1 percent.

The ratio of undecided voters fell to 29 percent.

The poll was taken on Feb. 26-28 of a sample of 1,000 adults. The margin of error is 3.2 percentage points.

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  • Hungarian

    This means that the voters who got disillusioned by the current hungarian right are not flocking to the so called oligarch left.

    So the more attacks on Fidesz by the left, the more supporters turn to Jobbik.

    • MagyarViking

      “So the more attacks on Fidesz by the left, the more supporters turn to Jobbik.”

      or Fidesz attacks are misfiring, then people just see through them as two bad alternatives.
      The peculiar is probably that “Jobbik” gets a pro-Maidan effect, even if “Jobbik” is against this Ukrainian uprising, but they keep silent about it and their new/swing-voters see “Jobbik” as an outsider, and like Maidan can come in and clean out old politicians

      Sadly the situation in Ukraine will probably turn much uglier and then “Jobbik” will need to confess their pro-Putin sympathies

      • Hungarian

        Jobbik was the only Hungarian party calling for Hungarian autonomy in Ukrainian held Hungarian areas, and they have already confessed to that.

        • MagyarViking

          Yes, but Russia do not want that, Russian wants ALL of Ukraine and will not give “Jobbik” any parts
          Or you have evidence to suggest that “Jobbik” has got some promise from Putin to get some part of current Ukraine?

          • Hungarian

            No Jose,
            Russia wants the Crimea and Russian inhabited Eastern ukrain with all it’s oil.

            Get a life!

          • MagyarViking

            Why should Putin stop there?
            How do you knwo that, you have special access?

            Why does Russian website publish maps over Ukraine where even West of Carpatian Mointains (which were the Hungarians are living) belongs to Russia?
            They seem to have missed your message…

          • Hungarian

            Because there are 20 million Ukrainians between us and the Russians.

          • MagyarViking

            But you want them to surrender to Putin, so why should they not follow your script?

  • Corpus_Innominata

    The EU says:
    Asia for the Asians.
    Africa for the Africans.
    Arabia for the Arabs.
    Europe and Hungary for everyone.

    Jobbik says Hungary for the Hungarians
    and no to the EU.

    If nationalist parties continue to rise
    Europe may still have Europeans in 50 years.

    Right now British are a minority in London.
    Not tomorrow, right now. Gone. Lost.
    Time to start thinking about priorities folks.

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