March 18th, 2014

Foreign ministry official condemns anti-Semitism at conference

Anti-Semitism is at the same time anti-democratic and anti-Hungarian, a senior foreign ministry official told a conference on Tuesday.

The future of Hungarian Jews and their renaissance can only be spoken about credibly “unless we set the past straight”, State Secretary Zsolt Nemeth said in a speech given at a conference “Jews in Hungary in c.20-c.21”, organised by the Gaspar Karoli Calvinist University, the foreign ministry noted in a statement.

The Holocaust and Hungary’s real responsibility in it — especially that of the authorities of the Hungarian state — must be addressed, be it after March 19, 1944 or preceding that date, he said.

It was on March 19, 1944 that Nazi German troops occupied Hungary.

Hungary’s government has made it clear on numerous occasions that anti-Semitism does not have a place in Hungary, he noted, adding that anti-Semitism is incompatible with Christianity and is not only anti-democratic but anti-Hungarian, too.

On the topic of Hungarian-Israeli relations, he said that one promising area of bilateral cooperation was cultural diversity and society’s ethnic-cultural sustainability.

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  • wolfi

    “Of course there is no antisemitism in Hungary, you kosher piece of shit!”
    That’s how Putin’s rabid kutya leto would have phrased it …
    Be thankful that we sent only two thirds of you to the gas chambers!

  • Hungarian

    Fidesz should do some plumbing repairs.
    They are leaking votes….

    • fred fathingstone

      you again yawn ……. and yawn come on wallace

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