March 19th, 2014

Foreign minister tells CNN “solidarity” must underpin any 3rd-stage sanctions

In an interview to CNN’s Richard Quest broadcast on Wednesday, Hungary’s foreign minister, asked if Budapest would back tougher sanctions on the Russians if the current ones did not succeed, said that if it came to it Hungary would expect EU member states to share the burden of the consequences equably.

Janos Martonyi said: “We hope there’ll be no need for that because also this morning we repeated and underlined again that diplomatic and political solutions should be found through negotiations between the parties.

“If it comes to the so-called third stage of sanctions, of course that is a completely different situation. What we have to do now, I believe, that we have to make a very thorough impact assessment [and] evaluate clearly what might be the consequences … and show solidarity among ourselves given the fact that different member states might be affected differently so that is why I think the principle of solidarity and burden-sharing will have to prevail.”

The interview can be seen at the 4:05 mark here.

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  • Havelaar

    What the f*ck..and show solidarity??

    Should such an economic conflict develop, one of the EU’s national
    economies hit most would be Hungary’s due to its vulnerability to
    energy supplies, he added. In this case, the principles of solidarity
    and equal burden-sharing should prevail, he said.

    the principles of solidarity and equal burden-sharing???

    “foes including “Brussels bureaucrats”

    So the foes = enemies have to pay anyway?

    Now isn’t this shameless?

    • “What the f*ck..and show solidarity??”

      To quote a classic one: “F*** the EU!”

      • Havelaar

        To quote a classic one: “F*** the EU!”

        and beg on your knees for the money.

        Morally bankrupt maybe?

        • No need to beg, Dutch libnazi freak. Like I have already explained it to you a few times, that money you’re moaning about is due to us.

          • Havelaar

            “that money you’re moaning about is due to us”

            Not really and not for long though.


            Hungary: ‘Orbanisation’ continues, but Europe is waking up to the threat

          • The ‘orbanisation’ continues indeed… in Europe, too. 😀

            Orbanization of Europe and “the Hungarian disease”


          • Justanobservation

            quit spamming this forum with links to your blog!

          • I’m afraid that’s not your decision. The moderator of this site is going to decide what is “spamming” in this forum.
            I myself consider these links relevant.

          • Justanobservation

            Only you find them relevant…….like your opinion is somehow important? Like it at all means any sort of real analysis of anything? Now I know why you are so jealous of Eva Balogh……..she has actually accomplished something with her opinions and writing. You are only fooling yourself if you think you are any sort of writer, journalist or otherwise and could never come close to her accomplishments. It is quite pathetic actually…..may VO will award you or something, but I doubt it.

          • It’s absolutely irrelevant what you find irrelevant or important. You are only one of the posters on this site, just like me.

          • Justanobservation

            I will let everyone decide for themselves, however, I am quite sure you are irrelevant. Only your ilk will find your blog interesting and accurate. People as delusional as you.

          • Of course you will because, like I have already pointed out, you’re just a poster on this site like me. Besides, like I have also remarked, it’s absolutely irrelevant what you find irrelevant, interesting or accurate. (It may be relevant though for the members of your postcommie/libnazi jackal pack but that’s something which is irrelevant to *me*.) Apparently you’ve got problems with comprehending these very simple issues but never mind: I’ll be always glad to point these very trivial things out to you.

          • Justanobservation

            Oh no, I do not have a problem with you finding my opinions irrelevant, because I do not care what you think, you are a total nutjob, so it does not bother me, but again it is not me who is trying to feel significant. I am not the one begging people to read my blog insinuating it has importance to the topics being discussed. So go ahead and point out whatever foolishness you would like. You are the one begging for attention for your blog. Anyone who has EVER read anything you have ever written, knows how insignificant you are.

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          • Justanobservation

            As like you choose then, I will continue “bitching” as much as I want, whenever I want you closet case.

          • George Dunn

            And what has Ms. Balogh and her accomplices achieved exactly? A brainwashed Rush Limbaugh-style bombastic and automaton-like following? Anyone can appear to be a “prolific” blogger when they have a cadre of ghost writers at their beckoning. In her case, as we saw in the latest revelations, an entire party machine. I doubt anyone is jealous of such self-hating hypocrites – at least they shouldn’t be.

          • Aloof

            Ahhh… Georgie boy. You and Leto are 2 trolls in a pod. What’s the matter? You mad Eva bounced your troll ass off her site?

          • Aloof

            Well that’s because he already knows as all us do that it’s just a Fidesz super-troll site. One sided like other wasteland sites like kuruc and Hungarian Ambiance. Not to mention that you have what… only 1, 2 maybe 3 followers and whoever does visit there out of curiosity the first time don’t come back.

          • Aloof

            Not once Orban is going to be forced to stop sitting on fence rodent and that day will come and it all depends how soon on Putin’s next encroaching move(s).

          • Tell me again about Mr. Orbán’s “crawling on his knees to Ferihegy airport in order to lick the boots of the victorious IMF-troops”, Yankee cockroach. 😀

          • Aloof

            W in TF are you babbling about rodent? Jesus if you don’t have a clue or an actual comment just don’t comment. You’ve really been embarrassing yourself more than usual on the advent of a “glorious” 2/3 majority win.
            Jesus what in the hell would your driveling always irrelevant comments look like if you would be losing?

          • Are you denying you wrote this on this site about two years ago, Yankee cockroach? 😀

          • Aloof

            I said the IMF would only grant Hungary a Stand-by loan which Orban wouldn’t settle for. So what? I was right?
            So are you going to deny that by not taking an IMF Standby Loan and drawing US Bonds that Hungary didn’t have to pay unnecessary higher Interest rates?
            You got no legs to stand on rodent if you do. Tell us all why Orban didn’t draw Euro Bonds again?
            You’re just a perpetual twerp.

  • MagyarViking

    Yes, if the French stops the delivery of the Mistral warships, they will lose at least 2 BUSD, none know how much Londongrad will lose, but if we put it all in a big bowl, every can chip-in in pure solidarity with each other…Hungary can hardly expect to become a net-receiver on that game…
    Here is an english article about this infamous interview at CNN “Quest Means Business”:

    • MagyarViking

      And the Germans are now stopping one project to sell arms to Russia:
      Berlin (AFP) – Germany on Wednesday halted a major deal to provide a fully equipped training camp to Russian forces, saying any arms trading with Moscow was currently “indefensible””

      “The German government said in a statement it was in touch with the defence group, whose contract with the Russian authorities is reported to be worth around 100 million euros ($140 million)”;_ylt=AwrBJSAk7ClTBV8AYl_QtDMD

      So Germany puts in 100 MEUR in Martonyi’s bowl

  • Democrat

    It seems that Hungary will be the first to cave in to the Russians. Despite (stated) attempts to gain energy independence the country has just put its long term electricity supply effectively in the hands of the Russians. So that`s oil, gas and electricity. And on top of that they have just signed a whopping loan facility with Russia which is likely to be in breach of the Constitution. What a mess that small country has walked itself into. And listening to Martonyi we are hardly surprised. Janos, very soon you are going to have to choose EU funds or Russian support. You can`t have them both.

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