March 24th, 2014

Campaign encourages LGBT election turnout amid renewed furor over Jobbik anti-gay legislation


The Hungarian LGBT Association has launched a campaign to encourage gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals to vote in the upcoming national and European elections, reports portal

A large number of billboards are now visible around Budapest, giving people from these communities a reminder to vote.

“It is incredibly important that the LGBT community understands how much is at stake,” association spokesman Tamás Dombos told 444. “We have to show politicians that we are a significant portion of the electorate, whose interests need to be taken into consideration.”

The campaign’s launch coincides with renewed interest in an earlier legislative drive by Jobbik to criminalize homosexuality. Over the past few weeks, an April 2012 article in newsweekly HVG reporting on a bill submitted to parliament at the time by Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki advocating a host of draconian measures against “sexually deviant practices” went viral on the Internet.

In his bill, Mirkóczki advocated a change in the law so that any person over the age of 18, who engaged in same-sex relations or acted in a way that sought to “popularize” homosexuality in public, was committing a criminal act, and that such acts should be punished by up to three years in prison. Similarly, those who advertised “deviant sexual conduct” in print, or in visual or sound recordings, would be punished by anywhere between 1 and 5 years in jail. Towards gay couples holding hands or kissing in public, Mirkóczki’s stance was comparatively moderate: here he recommended either an undetermined period in prison or a mere HUF 150,000 fine.

These were just some of the measures advocated in a bill that also touched on rights of assembly and homosexuality in the media. However, it is unclear whether at present Jobbik as a party stands by these policies, especially given its recent attempts at a more youth-oriented election campaign.

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  • szebbjovot

    This is equally disgusting

    • Well, I thought I’d still decide which is more disgusting but you got me: I just cannot make up mind because both are incredibly stomach-churning.

    • Havelaar


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      • szebbjovot

        I don’t need advice from a latent pedophile.

        • Havelaar

          Why don’t you tell this to a latent pedophile …why tell it to me? Tiny creep.

          • He did exactly that.

          • Havelaar

            Yes, yes…Fleto…we all know…you are a disgusting creep also. Thanks for confirming this once more.

  • Alice Cochrane

    Really great to hear about the work of the Hungarian LGBT Association.
    Orban seems to have pushed a sort of theocratic-nationalism, which always tends to be an effort at shoring up the traditional, elderly, and countryside vote.

    • Dan Heizinger

      Maybe you want a debauched Sodomic country, but regular Hungarians don’t

      • Aloof

        First, what’s a regular Hungarian? I hope it’s not a “god fearin'” Christian (catholic or protestant) both of which are practiced by less than 50% of today’s Hungarian population and even less by the young. Hell even Orban and Kover don’t practice religion.

        What are you scared of? LGBT has always been around since there have been humans. All that scared haters like you and Jobbik do is galvanize these people with your religious fear and threats. What kind of “Christian” is that?
        What hypocrites. How many Hungarians even get married in a “Christian” church anymore or even get married at all these days?
        Should take lessons from these people on hypocrisy and ignorance. Maybe you “Christians” can learn something.
        It’s like with the jews, LGBT folks and Trianon with right wing living in the past loons like you. How obsessed you get with reality or the “truth.” Medieval KOH or “Horthy Era” Hungary isn’t coming back bud… no matter how much you fantasize about it.
        How do you people call Hungary a “Christian Nation” when you elect another government that on a daily basis lies to you and practices deep seeded corruption? Hypocrites is all you are.

      • Alice Cochrane

        My friend is Aloof is right.
        More gayness in the world and there would be less conflict and wars and more happiness. 🙂

  • Ádám Ferenczy

    The great electorial speech of Gábor Vona.
    He is the best Hungarian politician.

  • kobi

    I’m not a Jobbik supporter but on this point they are correct!

  • F Young

    I have reservations about a billboard campaign like this. I think it could promote voter turnout by anti-LGBTs as much as turnout by LGBTs. I think they could have avoided this counter-reaction by using only LGBT media.

    I am puzzled why Mirkóczki proposed such a bill. I suspect it is a get-out-the-vote move for his extremist fascist supporters, but doesn’t everybody, including fascists, understand that if enacted, such a law would inevitably be struck down by the European Court? It would violate so many human rights, it would be easier and shorter to just list those that it would not violate.

    • Inis_Magrath

      Of course the law would be overturn by the European Court of Human Rights. But thugs like Mirkóczki don’t care about that, as long as it drums up votes from his base.

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