March 26th, 2014

Hungary recovers Seuso “family silver”, PM announces

Seven pieces of silverware from the late Roman Empire known as the Seuso or Sevso treasure have been reacquired by Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Wednesday.

Speaking at a news conference in Parliament, Orban said Hungary had spent 15 million euros to recover its “family silver”.

“Given that it’s ours, it is better for it to be here rather than elsewhere. This is why we decided to bring it home,” he said, adding that the treasure returned last weekend.

“If a country has power and prestige, it is able to reacquire what belongs to it,” he said.

Laszlo Baan, director of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, called the purchase an “historic moment”. From Saturday on, the silverware, thought to have originated in the town of Polgardi near Lake Balaton, will be on display, free-of-charge, in Hungary’s Parliament. Later on, it will most probably be one of the “gems” of the Museum Quarter to be established along the City Park, he said.

Half of the 14 pieces from the late Roman Empire, including the famous Seuso dish, have now been returned to Hungary, Baan said, adding that recovering the remaining pieces would only be a matter of time.

He said the treasures were transported over land secured by the Counter-terrorism Centre (TEK).

Baan said that the treasures’ two English owners, who are siblings, got in contact with them about 18 months ago and they were able to extensively examine and establish the origin of the treasures with exact precision. The siblings, who are members of a consortium represented by Lord Northampton, did not question the Hungarian state’s claim to the treasure which helped negotiations and a final settlement of a compensation fee of 15 million euro. The treasures’ starting bid was 40 million British pounds originally, or 40 million euros, at current prices, Baan said.

The British authorities finally approved the release of the treasures from the country after a series of procedures to acquire permission, he said.

The treasure had been kept in a vault of the London auctioneer Bonhams ever since a dispute over the silverware’s provenance.

The precious 4th-century silver plates, jugs and tableware were purchased by Lord Northampton between 1982 and 1990.

Lord Northampton put up the collection for auction in New York in 1990. Back then, Hungary, Lebanon and then Yugoslavia claimed ownership, arguing that it had been found on their territory. In a 1993 ruling, a New York court turned down the claims by Hungary and Croatia, since neither country could present evidence of the objects’ origin.

Over the past 25 years, Hungary made repeated attempts to reacquire the treasure but the transactions were thwarted for several reasons, including prohibitively high prices.

In the recent negotiations, Hungary was represented by cabinet chief Janos Lazar and Baan.

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  • Havelaar

    If a country has power and prestige, it is able to reacquire what belongs to it,”

    My God….Orban is an alien?

    Fidesz Hungary doesn’t have any prestige nor power left at all. Not even close.

    • You keep repeating yourself, retarded Dutch libnazi freak… 😀

      • Bowen

        Yes, with good reason.

      • just saying

        Look at who’s talking! You are like a broken record, repeating the same insults over and over, while usually not offering any statements of substance. Or maybe the smiling emoticon denotes that you know this already, and are being ironic.

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    • Corrigator

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      • Aloof

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        • Havelaar

          Thanks Aloof.

          • Aloof

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          • Corrigator

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          • Havelaar

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          • Aloof

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          • Corrigator

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          • Reality Check

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          • Curious George

            I think this study would explain Corrigator’s obsession with homosexual imagery. He might need a new monitor after writing those words.

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          • Nóra

            That’s a great descriptor of the original comment by Havelaar.

          • Aloof

            I would absolutely agree with you if everything was on the up and up and Orban wasn’t a lying corrupt megalomaniacal leader of an Oligarch based Putin model government whose only intentions are to enrich themselves to the maximum and when they leave or get driven out and then leave both the next government and taxpayer holding the bag.
            Worse thing is that when Orban gets re-elected it’s no longer just about absolute power or money for him, he already has both, it’s going to about legacy for him which is going to make him all the more dangerous for rank and file Hungarians.
            I personally don’t see this guy even getting to 2018 without some sort of major disastrous event for Hungary.
            Just my opinion.
            It’s OK if you want to call me names too. I’ve heard them all already.

          • Nóra

            Name calling’s a thing on the side. You still haven’t stated exact points, just said a whole lot of words, words, words. I’ll wait.

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      • declan o callaghan

        That could be possible judging by the state of the hospital’s here in Hungary but we will have lots of stadiums maybe that will show our power and prestige !!!

  • Pibroch

    The Seuso treasure
    Orban’s pleasure.
    I would not want it in a house,
    I would not want it with a mouse,
    I do not want the Seuso treasure,
    I do not want it, by any measure!

    — Dr. Seuso

  • Nóra

    Back on track – Long live Carpatic Pannonia!

    • Aloof

      Which one? Superior or Inferior?

      • Nóra

        Yerrch! A Roman henchman, if my eyes do not fail me? Well educated in Roman history, going straight against the wall, and not a clue of that one simple fact that Pannonia’s etymology has nothing to do with latin origin? There are guesses as of it’s Illyrian origin, in that which it is Pan, meaning water, in which case it would point to the Illyrians knew that Carpatia was once a Pannonian Sea. Ice age, yes? Or would you rather maybe Diodorus Siculus’ account of the two Scythian princes Palus and Napes, of whose names can both be found in one place in Carpatia, Pálos in the Pilis, and Napos in Pannonia, only backwards. And the last two would actually be discernible words in Magyar(Hungarian), a people who are located in the midst of Carpatia, a location of which the people have never been really specifically enough defined, only vaguely enough to discern that the certain names that were used to describe the inhabitants are still findable in the area today, and can be etymologised in Magyar.

        By the way Pan and Nap go hand in hand, seeing as the water and fire element are renown complementary elements, as our ancients were very well known to be aware of according to theologists world wide.

        Panna of course is still found in Magyar stories, a faerie, and the element Anna in it refers to the Virgin(Virág meaning flower, so I suppose they must have not been deflowered, but Vir is the root of it, so I suppose I’m going to have to lay claim on that) Anna, who was before Mary, the two being very possible etymologies, or products of the words referring to Anadom, or Motherdom.

        This list, I’ve gone and fetched it especially for you, the meaning is in magyar if otherwise not defined:

        aNNa (MaRy’s MotheR. NaGY BoLDoGasszony (Great BLessed Lady)) (MáRia aNYja. NaGY BoLDoGasszony)
        aNNe (türkish: mother) (török: aNYa)
        aNNie (tamil: mother) (tamil: aNYa)
        uNi (etruscan: mother) (etruszk: aNYa)
        uNiVeRSe (“vers” means “poem”) (VeRS) » eMeSe/e.MaCHa
        JuNo (roman mother goddess) (római aNYaistennő)
        iNa (dakota: mother) (dakota: aNYa)
        aMa (euskara: Mother) (baszk: aNYa)
        aMë (albanian: Mother) (albán: aNYa)
        aNYa (mother)
        aNYaG (matter)
        aNYu (mother)
        DaNu (celtic mother god) (kelta aNYa iSTeN)
        DuNa (DaNube)
        aNNwN (celtic otherworld uRal(Rule)-ed by aRawn (see MeNYasszony) (kelta túlvilág kit aRawn uRal (lásd MeNYasszony)
        ~NaCHaS (hebrew:serpent) (héber:kígyó)
        aPa (uyghur: mother) (ujgúr: aNYa)
        PaNNoN (Pannon Basin, Pannon TeNGeR(Sea). Hon: Home » (P)AnyaHon ((witch/)MotherHome) (Pannon MeDeNCe, Pannon TeNGeR. AnyaHon)
        PaNNa (mother godess)
        BaNYa (witch)
        TaNYa (farm. Úrban (Úr:loRd(,husband). -ban: in)«»Tanya) (ellentettje az Úrban(Urbánus))
        aTi CaTHa (eTRuSCan sun goddess, sometimes depicted as male) (eTRuSZK nap iSTeNNő, akiről előfordul a hímnemű ábrázolás)
        JuTuRNa (roman spring(well) goddess, JuPiTeR love, JaNuS’ wife, TuRNuS’, JuNo’s sister, see more on TRN (TuRan, TaRaNiS below vvv))(római forrás istennő, JuPiTeR szerelme, JaNuS neje, TuRNuS és JuNó testvére (lásd lejjebb TuRáN, TaRaNiS, és egyéb TRN vvv))
        JuTRa (slavic: morning star) (szláv: hajnal csillag)
        JaNuS (roman god of transition JuTuRNa’s husband) (római átmenet isten JuTuRNa férje)
        JáNoS (hero in our tales, having to surpass tasks to get to his Feleség (Fél: half -e:posession, -ség: y, so lit. “the other half of himself”. (husband:Férj))) (Népmeséink főhőse, keresi a Fel-eségét)
        LáNY (girl)
        LáNYoS (girl-like (lit. “with girl”(quality))

        As for Hon, it means home, so I’m going to have to hold with the etymology of PannaHon, AnnaHon, AnnHwn, PanHon, and NapHon until something else doesn’t pop up. So far these are quite interlinking, and agreeable, the ending especially. -ja simply marks possession, so PannHonja would mean the Home of Pann.
        Furthermore on the subject of pre-roman Celts of the area, as mentioned above, Annwn, of which the etymology is not defined in Cymraeg(Welsh) (or is it of any gods, of which link here Danu as well, the mother god (In magyar Anyu and Anya are both fully valid for meaning mother, and the whole river Danu, Duna, or Danube)), whilst their language has changed innumerable times throughout even the past hundreds of years. Magyar is still readable, even if a bit muffledly officially recognised from 1055. Thousand year cycles are a known comfortable artificial time limit of existence in History, and it is taken to be so. Even today Timaru-Kast Sándor counted 1800 common words between Celtic languages and Magyar as is, that don’t show any similarity with english, or french or german, that may have played a part in lending it over, and I know because I speak english fluently, I speak german well enough, and I know enough french to be able to judge. I’ve also studied Gaeilige some, sadly didn’t find an Irish person to be able to practice it with, because they are going through the same romanisation that had been done to them a while ago. The Cymru are different, thankfully, though, I suppose they did manage to keep their Kimmerian name at least.

  • Justanobservation

    Yeah, because we can afford to spend money like that. The statement “If a country has power and prestige, it is able to reacquire what belongs to it,” shows off the short man syndrome Orban suffers from. Always trying to compensate for where he is lacking in height. Just another ego trip we are paying for.

  • MagyarViking

    Remember March 26, 2014, 12 hours 15 minutes, when the world became aware of something Very Important was about to happen 45 minutes later…Speculations were high:
    …and then The Incredible Discovery:
    Yes, A Very Important Declaration…
    Just think that Our Dear Leader can take time off from His crucial Re-Election campaign to deal with this, typical non-campaign, issue….

  • MagyarViking

    Tomorrow Whorban will have another urgent press-conference:
    Construction workers building the foundations of a new bridge over the
    Danube River in the Hungarian capitol, have unearthed a spectacular 6th
    century sepulchre. The analysis of the monument revealed that it was the
    burial chamber of a great hunnic leader, most likely that of King
    Attila himself”

    • Justanobservation

      Very cool find for sure!

  • szebbjovot

    “If a country has power and prestige, it is able to reacquire what belongs to it,”

    Silverware is a start I guess.. though there are a lot more important things that belong to Hungary to reacquire.

  • MagyarViking

    Lord Northampton put up the collection for auction in New York in 1990. Back then, Hungary, Lebanon and then Yugoslavia claimed ownership, arguing that it had been found on their territory. In a 1993 ruling, a New York court turned down the claims by Hungary and Croatia, since neither country could present evidence of the objects’ origin.

    What a difference 15 MEUR can make to a legal case…or to the need to present any evidence…

  • MagyarViking

    Seven pieces of silverware from the late Roman Empire known as the Seuso or Sevso treasure have been reacquired by Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Wednesday

    past tense: reacquired; past participle: reacquired
    acquire (something) again.

    So exactly when did HUNGARY own these “Seven pieces of silverware from the late Roman Empire”?

    Ohh, forgot, the late Roman Empire was just Hungary in disguise…

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