April 8th, 2014

Composition of left-wing parliamentary group yet undecided

The composition of the left-wing parliamentary group in Hungary’s next parliament is as yet undecided on the basis of preliminary election results on Monday early morning.

The results available so far showed that parties of the left-wing alliance would get a total of 38 mandates, including 29 seats for the Socialists, four for the E-PM alliance and the Democratic Coalition each and one for the Liberal Party (MLP). At least five MPs need to join forces to set up a group.

Among E-PM politicians, Gordon Bajnai, Timea Szabo and Peter Konya got in from the national list and Szabolcs Szabo from his individual constituency in Budapest’s Csepel, a traditional industrial district. Among Democratic Coalition politicians, Ferenc Gyurcsany, Csaba Molnar and Agnes Vadai got in from the national list and Lajos Olah from his individual constituency, in inner Budapest. Neither of these parties could form a parliamentary group on its own.

Fodor, the leader of MLP, told a press conference that so far he had been asked neither by E-PM nor the DK to form a parliamentary group.

He said MLP’s leadership would hold a session in the next days to evaluate the party’s election performance and decide about their future strategy in parliament and in Hungarian national politics.

He said the issue of joining any other parties to form a parliamentary group should only be raised once a concrete request has been received. The party will only support a decision that would enhance the image of MLP as “an independent liberal political party,” Fodor said.

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