April 30th, 2014

CoE report documents abuse at Hungarian prisons

A report by experts of the Council of Europe who paid visits to several Hungarian prisons last April was released on Wednesday.

The report said verbal and physical abuse was witnessed in several of the six police detention facilities and ten national correctional institutions which the six experts of CoE’s committee responsible for preventing torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment visited.

According to the report promulgated at the 47-member-state pan-European organisation, some of the abuse was motivated by racism. Several respondents also told the committee that police officers were unnecessarily violent and abused suspects verbally.

The CoE experts have made various recommendations for preventing and eliminating such occurrences. The recommendations range from sending notifications to family members of the convicts to broadening the authority of the police complaints body.

The report makes special mention of the overcrowded state of the prisons visited.

The government has prepared and disseminated within the CoE a comprehensive 30-page response to the report with its findings, observations and recommendations.

Concerning police violence against detainees, the government noted the perpetrators were being prosecuted, while in other cases it had been established that what the detainees perceived as violence had actually been legitimate coercion.

In connection with the case of two police officers charged with beating a suspect to death, interior minister Sandor Pinter assured the CoE delegation that the incident had been a one-off, and not at all characteristic of Hungary’s police culture. The CoE report, however, urged precautionary measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

CoE’s experts have also recommended that a mechanism should be put in place to protect officers reporting offences committed by their peers, and urged that the diversity of society should be reflected in the composition of the police force to help eliminate racism.

A separate report by the CoE released on Tuesday said that Hungary was among states such as Serbia, Italy, Cyprus, and Belgium, where the crowdedness of law enforcement facilities posed the biggest problems.

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  • Hungarian

    Yo, check out the msnbc series of prison violence in the US.
    Hungary is near nowhere from the level of violence in US prison.

    Not to mention it takes 40 minutes there to execute someone from initial lethal injection…

    And we haven even talked about water boarding…

    • Justanobservation

      Of course you would immediately deflect to what you hear about the US. Who the fuck cares about what is done in the US, this is Europe, we wish to do things better here. You should just shut the fuck up now!

      • Hungarian

        So you only wanna use the US when it’s ambassador ask us to negotiate with 20 Jews on the construction of a statue?

        Pitifully weak argument sweety….

        • Justanobservation

          First of all, I have NEVER used the US in my arguments on this issue or any other for that matter, so like I said loser…..Shut the fuck up!

          • Hungarian

            I was not speaking specifically about you, but your specific group.
            So shut up asshole and take some iron pills.

    • MagyarViking

      “A report by experts of the Council of Europe”

      You may look into improving your geographic skills, then last time I checked the US was not part of the 47 member states of the CoE…

      • Hungarian

        Strangely you guys forget about geography when it’s convenient for you, and keep mentioning here what the US has advised Hungary about….

        • Justanobservation

          I think you are confused. I recall people who you ASSUME are American comparing some things with Hungary, however, the Europeans on here rarely use the US in the arguments, however, whenever you racist bastards want to divert from the topic at hand, it is YOU that often brings up things that occur in the US to deflect from what is going on in Hungary in trying to justify your points of view.

          • Hungarian

            Oh really?
            What a bad memory you have if you have any.
            How many times we had to listen what the US ambassador sais, whom did Obama congratulate or not, or whom did joe Biden call, or what Hillary thinks of the Roma’s treatment in Hungary?

            I got news for ya forgetful Jewish sweet pie, this is Hungary, and not even Brussels can set us norms internal matters.

            So be location sensitive from now on, just as you demand.

          • Justanobservation

            Oh, I get it, you claim we (meaning the commenters here) write the articles now? I have one solution for you, if you don’t like the articles published here, you can always fuck off!

          • Hungarian

            You do have the logic of a dead mice, discovered on Panni neni’s attic, about five years later after it was caught in a mouse trapp.

            If you don’t like my comments on double standards, then fuck off mice.

          • Justanobservation

            Like I said, if you do not like reading the articles here, you can fuck off! Or you can talk to Erik about the double standards you cry about. As far as the commenters here, it is you and the other racists that love to divert from what is being discussed by bringing up constantly what you claim is happening in the US.

          • Hungarian

            Like you said fuck off or talk to Erik?
            Who are you here?

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          • Hungarian

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            You just prove the case of what Hungarians have to put up with day and night.

            Why don’t you just move to Israel and collect your medals?

          • Justanobservation

            You are worse than a Hungarian hater, you in addition to being a Hungarian hater are also and embarrassment to our country, a traitor, and a terrible example as to what a Hungarian is.

          • Hungarian

            Sais an ignorant spoiled rat who calls even her own parents racist.

            What can Hungary expect from ppl like you?
            More hate?

          • Justanobservation

            What? Nothing else to grasp onto?

          • Hungarian

            I hope you wash your false teeth before you seat down next time to blog.

            The stench can get pretty rough.

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