April 30th, 2014

Judge makes anti-Roma statements, refuses to dissolve far-right paramilitary group

A judge invoked anti-Roma statements when handing down a verdict refusing to dissolve a vigilante group linked to the former Magyar Gárda that has marched through Roma settlements, index.hu reported.

The judge, Dr. Erika Mucsi, wrote in her verdict’s justification that “Being a Roma should not be primarily interpreted as a racial category, rather as a way of life led by a group of people who stand apart from the traditional values of majority society, and whose lifestyle is characterized by the avoidance of work and the disrespect of private property and the norms of living together.”

The Court of the town of Gyula in Békés county, Southeast Hungary decided not to dissolve the Szebb Jövőt Vigilante Association, which is closely linked with Jobbik and the previously dissolved Magyar Gárda.

In relation to the infamous patrolling and constant threatening presence for a month and a half in Gyöngyöspata in the spring of 2011, the judge concluded that since other paramilitary groups were also present in the village – the so-called Protection Force, the Outlaws and the Gendarmerie – it cannot be ascertained who committed unlawful acts, and therefore, the fear inducing acts of Szebb Jövőt cannot be proved.

Concerning the atrocities against Roma people, including throwing stones in Devecser in August 2012, these acts served only to call the attention of the public to certain problems, the judge said.

The prosecution argued Szebb Jövőt – which is widely regarded as one of the successor organizations of Magyar Gárda – should be dissolved on the grounds that their ideology is against Hungary’s Constitution, they offend the human dignity of the Roma population and they differentiate between people on a racial basis. The prosecution also said the group abuses the right of free assembly, as their activities offend the freedom of others.

Civil groups understandably do not approve of the verdict. Erika Muhi, the director of the National and Ethnic Minority Rights Proctection Office regretted that – despite the numerous arguments and evidence gathered by the Prosecution – the court failed to realize that Szebb Jövőt is an openly racist organization. The prejudiced statements included in the verdict appear to legitimize the acts of the association, Muhi said.

According to Dr. Tamás Fazekas, a lawyer for the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the overall competence of the judge can be questioned as she repeatedly failed to take notice of facts. The prosecution has appealed the verdict.

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  • Hungarian

    Finally even judges dare to speak the truth.
    Food for the likes of Olga I guess…

    • imri

      When anyone begins to sound like you, “Hungarian”, who was expected to be slightly intelligent, or somewhat respectable, or capable of the barest semblance of impartiality and fairness, this event *actually makes the news*. You probably shouldn’t treat this fact as confirmation that you have any such qualities, or any grasp of truth.

      • Hungarian

        Your hatred toward judgements that are not inline with your expectations, is as respectable as the Israeli flag waving crowd on the Szabadsag square.

        Do you think everyone should think like you just because you are a minority?
        That the majority should think with your minority mind and submit themselves to an ideology that suits you?

  • MagyarViking

    Concerning the atrocities against Roma people, including throwing stones in Devecser in August 2012, these acts served only to call the attention of the public to certain problems, the judge said.
    So OK to throw stones through the windows of Parliament on May 1st – “only to call the attention of the public to certain problems”

    Köver must love that…

  • Reality Check

    Judges are sworn to make judgements and statements based on the facts presented to them regarding a given individual, in a given context. It is unethical and outside their mandate for them to make generalizations towards an entire group of people. This judge should be removed from office.

    • Guru

      Hmm, last time the government tried that, who stopped them…

      • MagyarViking

        No Fidesz did not try to fire Judges due to wrong behaviour, just because of old age
        Fidesz reason for trying that may have been the one you are implying, but it was definitely not the stated one and the EC/ECJ acted on the *stated* reason

        Normally a peer review should take care of this Judge, if now other Judges share her view of course…

        • Guru

          Haha swallow your own medicine!

    • “This judge should be removed from office.”

      And then you infinitely disgusting postcommie/libnazi scum could start whining about judiciary independence and Orbán’s dictatorship which doesn’t respect checks and balances… 😀

      You really disgusting slimeball.

  • Corpus_Innominata

    Why does a paramilitary defend Hungary from foreign invasion?
    Shouldn’t this be the job of the Hungarian military itself?

    Maybe if Jobbik gets a majority in the parliament the primary military
    could do it’s job.

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