May 7th, 2014

Enjoy David Cameron’s cringe-making congratulatory letter to Viktor Orbán

I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I don’t know if this has been in circulation for a while (or even on this site!) but if not, here, via Magyar Narancs, is the spectacularly passive-aggressive letter British Prime Minister David Cameron sent his Hungarian counterpart following the latter’s thumping re-election victory last month. Cringe!


Erik D'Amato (@erikdamato) is publisher and editor-in-chief of the All Hungary Media Group.
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  • Corrigator

    Poor David – he has to put up with his coalition partner and the prospect of Scotland soon leaving the rest of Britain. No wonder he ventured into saying something along Britain being a Christian country which, naturally, sent the local “ltolerants and progressives” into fits.

  • anonB526

    Why would I cringe? He congratulated, this means he is interested in good relations with Hungary, Obama also congratulated that’s the part that counts. The rest of the letter is immaterial as is the exact date of the congratulations. For example if someone wants to wait for all the legal challanges to be over and the result to be final I can understand that.

    • Hungarian

      He is interested of selling troops to eastern Europe and bring down US unemployment a bit more, while looking like a tough leader back home.

  • Reality Check

    Look at that! A conservative pointing out the OSCE’s criticisms of the Hungarian election. When 45% gets you 66% that is cringe worthy.

    • As we all know, David Cameron would have gotten 95% with 45%.
      (Apart from ten seats, Fidesz would have won all the MP seats under the British election rules.)

      • Reality Check

        Leto missed the part where Cameron states they are paying attention to the criticisms. If the British system is worse, that does not make the Hungarian situation acceptable. Again 44% gives you 66% is cringe worthy.

        • I didn’t miss the part that this 45% gets you 95% in the UK. Tell the Brits how “cringe worthy” that is.

          • Reality Check

            IFyour stats are correct. Yes, in 1994 it was cringeworthy too. But, you only report the 1st round, not the 2nd when they received 45.16% and this got 54%. So Fidesz gets 45% and get 66%. A supermajority. MSZP did not get a supermajority from the 45%. So your comparison is strained to say the least.

            You are weasel for only reporting the 1st round, since that made it look worse. This just the type of manipulation expected of you, so no surpirse.

            “which is neccessary for governability, that is political and institutional stability and effectiveness in decision-making”

            You can have that in a proportional system also. And political stability should only happen when that is the outcome of the votes. Not when a party losses 10% since the last election.

          • It’s not “my” stats. I’ve given you the reference.

            MSZP got 54% from their 31% and the 18% of the libnazi Jewish party made it into a supermajority.
            So my comparison is not strained to say the least.

          • Reality Check

            Liar you are looking at only the 1st round.

          • Because that’s what can be compared to the results of the recent single round elections, you libnazi scum.

          • Reality Check

            No it is not.

            “Libnazi libnazi libnazi” – grow up you sound like a stupid child!

          • Yes, it is, libnazi scum. What else could be compared?

          • ViktorZoroban

            Mr. Putin Worshipper, if bullshit could bounce you’d be in f#ckin’ orbit by now.

          • You’re not funny, Jew.

          • ViktorZoroban

            Whoohahaha. Jew. Whoooohahahaha. Mr. Putin Worshipper, you’re such a bright mind that you’ll win any contest organized for Hungarians morons with an IQ under 35. And if you don’t win, you still can piss a last time on the graves of the 1956 victims and then blow yourself up for the Russian cause. Whoohahhahaha!!!

          • You’re still not funny, Jew.

          • You’re just not funny, Jew.

          • Hungarian

            Just to give you some advise.
            You used to be Kool, but these days you are losing it.

            It sounds like you are going through a difficult time of your life.

            I just want to advise you not to make it so obvious.

          • ViktorZoroban

            Leto has an estimated IQ of 45-55. He’s so extremely stupid that even the government fostered jobs are way out reach for this poor racist retard. So the only options he has left are 1) fill his days on forums and blogs to repeat the same Putin promo bullshit over and over again or 2) commit suicide.

          • pantanifan

            Leto can be frustrating at times, but I don’t think option 2) is something any reasonable person should be suggesting on a public forum …?

          • wolfi

            Idiots like leto, Hungarian and HH63 have done this regularly here – and even called for “throw them into the Danube” or “string them up” !

          • pantanifan

            That’s why I used the phrase “any reasonable person”! In any case, you’re probably right, it’s none of my business, and – in any case – the only person you can change is yourself…

          • Hungarian

            Don’t give up.
            The power of good is within you!

          • Hungarian

            I never called to use violence against of anyone.
            I always use resettle them in north Africa or India depends where you came from.

            So leave out the dramatics Mrs. Wolfstein.

          • Hungarian

            Leto has more computing power than three of you combined so you guys just keep insulting him with your intelligence.

    • Hungarian

      knock yourself out on a fake document you Hungarian hater over 50 bag of cellulite.

  • plastic_bag

    Meh. I’m sure the letter from the US went something like this:

    “Dear Mr. Orbon,

    Congratulations on winning the election in [Insert Country Name.]

    Best regards,

    Barack Obama’s robo-signature”

    • Hungarian


  • Hungarian

    What a weird structure to write a mail.
    First of all Orban’s name should be on the top.
    It should be addressed to the ” PM of the Republic of Hungary, mr. Orban.

    Cameron’s address, title and name should be on the bottom with clear types, and signed not David but David Cameron PM of UK…

    Or something like that.

    This is a fake Erik.
    And it doesn’t even have the official seals.

  • anonB526

    This letter is not bad at all. Cameron invites him to Wales, congratulates, says he is a friend of Hungary. And the OSCE stuff can be read easily about belittling the OSCE criticism because Cameron points out that the UK was criticised by them as well. So its no big deal. Why try to read something sinister into it?

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