May 14th, 2014

Polish PM opposes Orbán on autonomy

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk yesterday criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s call for autonomy for ethnic Hungarians abroad, calling it “most unfortunate.”

Orbán also said in his inauguration speech in Parliament on Saturday that ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine are entitled to dual citizenship, community rights and autonomy.

The occasion was not the right place or time for such statements, Tusk remarked. He added that Ukraine’s neighbours must show solidarity and must have an interest in sustaining its unity and independence.

He said he will meet Orbán on Thursday in Bratislava at a conference on global security, where he will openly tell him what he thinks, “even if it ruins the atmosphere”.

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  • ViktorZoroban

    To quote Hungarian: “Polish people are pussies.” Nobody can stop the Glorious Hungarian Empire. Not the US, not the EU, not the Nato and certainly not a political midget as Donald Tusk. God is on our side, and so is Putin!

    • Crayven

      Delusional much?

      • ViktorZoroban

        No, just confident!
        Orban is the Napoleon of the 21st Century.
        (Well, without the hat).

        • Crayven

          Where are you writing this from? A mental institution?

          “Napoleon” ? What’s he gonna do?
          You do realize Hungary’s army is weaker than any of the four states you demand be dismembered so that you get your Great Hungary dream?

          Do you realize what happens if you pull out of EU and NATO and begin to start trouble with either of them?

          I’d sit quietly in my corner since you have strong neighbors who are getting awfully tired of your mindless rambling about “boo hoo poor Trianon”.

          You started a war, you lost it, you paid for it.
          Get – over – it !

          • szebbjovot

            We didn’t start any war, moronic libnazi piece of crap.

          • Crayven

            Oh really?

            Let me refresh your nation’s memory then:


          • szebbjovot

            And in what way did we start it?

          • wolfi

            Btw, the Great ….(copy and paste from leto here whatever you like) … Horthy (or one of his ministers, who cares) also declared war on the USA – what did they think they might gain by this?

          • ViktorZoroban

            Free supply of popcorn, hot dogs, chewing gum and Coca-Cola. A pity the plan failed!

          • ViktorZoroban

            Yes, it was all the fault of Black Hand! We just revenged Franz Ferdinand, the man with the coolest mustache in history.

          • Crayven

            Didn’t turn out as well i guess.
            And so..history lesson over. You lost WW1 -> lost those territories.

            Get over it , as i said before.

  • Damien Dae

    I guess Orbán is hoping to replace the Hungarians who have left the country for good with Ukrainians, Slovaks, Romanians, whatever…

    • ViktorZoroban

      And Polaks who don’t want a weak leader as Donald Tusk. When all these people will hear that energy is nearly free in Hungary, consumer goods become cheaper every day and the Hungarian football team will be the next World Champions, everybody will apply for Hungarian citizenship. We will become the N°1 workforce on this planet. Soon Magyarország will outshine the US, China and -sorry Putin- Russia!

      • Bowen

        I hope you’re not suggesting that Putin should take second place in our proud new Hungarian-Russian Achsenmächte?
        If you really want Trans-Carpathia back, then you should show some respect!

        • ViktorZoroban

          Bowen, Russia is a great nation but, let’s be honest, the Russians are slackers. 81 million Germans realize a GDP of 3.5 trillion $, while double as much Russians only realize a GDP of barely 2 trillion $. Count out the oil and the gas, and you realize that Russians don’t do anything all day except getting wasted on vodka and krokodil (the drugs, not the animal).
          Hungarians, at the other hand, are the bravest fighters, the smartest people and hardest workers on this planet. I think it’s only normal that it will be the Hungarian-Russian Empire (and not the other way around) and that the Buda Castle will be the place where everything is decided.

    • Hungarian

      And why would that be your fucking business fucking brusselite?
      What the fuck you care about Hungarian matters for and who gives a shit of what ou care?

      Grow some fucking hair low end stalker!

  • common sense 019

    Yes, Tusk’s comments were “most unfortunate.” Especially, since Ukraine’s government is considering further federalization of the country (or is that the sole privilege of the Russian minority?).

    • FUCeausescu

      It is also unfortunate because it once more shows the lack of consideration EU community gives to the rights of historical minorities.

      And it was this EU which wanted to incorporate a Ukraine where 10 million inhabitants belong to ethnic minority groups. No wander Russian minority is so opposed.

  • anonB526

    Human rights should be respected even if Tusk finds that unfortunate. And Ukraine starts whining why exactly? How many times did the Hungarian FM give statements of support to them? 10? 20? What else do they want, all speeches to be sent to them for approval before being given? Stop whining.

  • szebbjovot

    “He said he will meet Orbán on Thursday in Bratislava at a conference on global security, where he will openly tell him what he thinks, “even if it ruins the atmosphere”.”

    Is that a threat??

    • Crayven

      And what if it is?
      What are you going to do about it ? xD

      Keyboard warriors lol.

    • Crayven

      He’s probably going to tell him to “knock off the stupid remarks and sit the fuck down” ( in a more diplomatic way ).

    • Crayven

      I doubt the poles, the EU or even NATO would approve of that map.

      But hey you are allowed to dream xD

      • I doubt Donald Tusk would represent the Polish national consensus about this, so I think the Poles would like this map they suggested.

        • Crayven

          Well – unlike Hungary – THEY actually elected their PM 🙂
          So yeah he represents their will.

          Orban…i dunno…

          • The Polish elected their PM in exactly the same way as Hungarians elected Mr. Orbán: The PM candidate of the winning party is appointed by the president of republic.


            Glad I could help.

          • Crayven

            Either way, despite Hungary’s more than friendly relations with the fascists in Russia you guys ain’t gonna get shit from Ukraine.
            I’d stop dreaming of empire if i were you xD

            Why can’t Hungary just stop starting shit? Seriously…eastern Europe is weird…

          • Hungary is in Central Europe and, to say the least, you are certainly weird. (Provided that’s the right word for ignorance and malice.)

          • Crayven

            You’re pretty “eastern” for me in thinking and mentality 🙂
            That is to say – backwards.

          • You’re pretty obnoxious for me in thinking and style.
            That is to say – some libtard. Who knows, you could be even a Jew.

          • Crayven

            And if i would be a jew? xD
            Your little nazi heart can’t stand jews, eh?

            Wow nazism is back in Hungary it seems haha

            Also on a side note:


            oooooo busted! Bus-ted!

            Jobbik going bye bye xD
            Talk about two faced traitors lol

          • If you were a Jew then that would nicely confirm the rule, that’s all. No, generally speaking (there are always exceptions, of course) I don’t fancy them . Just like you don’t fancy Hungarians.

            PS: I don’t give a damn about Jobbik.

          • Crayven

            I didn’t say i don’t fancy hungarians, i don’t fancy dumbass ultranationalist bastards anywhere – and there’s a difference.
            As for your “well justified feeling” we call it anti-semitism here and generalizing stereotypes.
            “Confirm the rule” ? What rule?
            That i am somehow evil because i am a jew?

            Flash news, punk – i am not a jew but it was fun to see you get pissed off at the prospect of me being one.
            Additionally you bringing up almost IMMEDIATELY the possibility of me being “a jew” just because i happened to disagree with you pints out very problematic isses in hungarian mentality.
            That is to say nazis haven’t been fully eradicated in that country.

            How’s that for a twist?
            You may not give a damn about Jobbik but you sure share their views a lot – i can tell just from the few exchanges we’ve had.

          • “we call it anti-semitism here”

            First I don’t give a damn what you call it wherever there.
            Second there are many more Arabs in the world, who are all Semitic and I don’t have a problem with, than Jews and only a small part of Jews are Semitic.

            Anyway, it’s a pity you’re not a Jew. So what are you then, asshole?
            BTW, I myself am proud to be a Hungarian “ultranationalist”.

          • Crayven

            It doesn’t “piss me off” lol.
            You’re like a rare bug that i am studying. Consider it a social experiment – and you are the lab rat.
            Watching you squirm and twist in your futile attempts is…entertaining 🙂

          • Sure, disgusting libnazi scum.

          • Crayven

            Are you kidding me? And not see you rage?
            No chance xD

    • MagyarViking

      hence you are linking this from an Hungarian website…
      Where is the Polish original?
      Chances are high we will find an original Russian one…then the cutting up of Ukraine is something Russia has been proposing long time to split opposition in neighbouring countries and PutinPutaleto is doing his best for that

    • mjst12

      It’s not the Polish idea, it’s a visualization of Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s
      idea to split Ukraine shown in Polish tv. He is a showman of Russian
      politics, nobody really cares what he says.

      • “It’s not a Polish idea”

        What a pity. It’s still a good idea.

  • plastic_bag

    Orban deviated from the script that all NATO member states are supposed to read from about the Ukraine situation, so the USA sent their trusted flunkey Donald Tusk to deliver the rebuke. I don’t think Orban’s words were particularly wise or well-considered, but, Christ, isn’t it obvious?

  • dana

    autonomy for 180,000 people? that’s stupid. It’s just a small-medium town. We are not in middle ages when every town had to be a fortress.

    • Crayven

      Orban and his supporters live in Lala-land xD

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