May 20th, 2014

Gunmen capture Hungarian in Ukraine

Unidentified armed men in Ukraine captured a Hungarian in unclear circumstances, the Anti-Terrorist Centre (TEK) announced.

The TEL said the man was in a car with a Hungarian licence plate in “the Ukrainian conflict zone” when he was taken captive.

The kidnapped man works for a Ukrainian company, TEK director János Hajdú told ATV Monday evening.

A special TEK unit has been sent to Ukraine.

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  • Damien Dae

    Why is TEK in charge of the matter? Shouldn’t it be the Ministry of Foreign affairs?

    • Hungarian

      What’s wrong with trying to rescue the guy?

      • Damien Dae

        Nothing. It’s just that I don’t see how the Hungarian anti-terrorist units can operate outside Hungary’s national borders in the first place. As I said, in any other country, it’s the Ministry of Foreign affairs with the help of the local embassy which acts the first.

        • Hungarian

          hey, I remember your Mossad kidnapping some nazi in argentine to put him in court in Israel, shortly to be hanged.

          So if the Jews can do it, so can we you free for all world view guys!

          • Democrat

            Yea, somebody stole a car in Debrecen and got away with it so its okay for us all to steal cars now. How would you feel if some Ukrainian thugs dropped in and lifted a guy from Andrassy ut?

          • Hungarian

            Then plz watch ATV noon edition

            It’s official that TEK is there for the rescue.
            It’s not about feelings.
            If the Jews can snatch ppl in argentine and hang them in Israel then it’s free for all!

            It’s a question of principals…

    • Dave

      They’re probably just going there to help negotiate his release or failing that to at least give the appearance that something is being done. They obviously wont be carrying out a hostage rescue in Ukraine.

    • TEK is in charge because this is their job.

      Glad I could help.

      • Curious George

        Is finding lost phones also part of their job?


    TEK, save Dez, plizz! We need a new patch for LA (((( O, USA halp to save the Democracy in barbarian Ukraine

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