May 26th, 2014

Defiant Jobbik claims second spot in Hungarian politics, stands behind alleged Russian spy


The radical nationalist Jobbik party has managed to meet its goal in the European election, becoming Hungary’s second power, party leader Gabor Vona said late on Sunday, after results were published.

Jobbik won three seats in the next European parliament.

He said one of the important messages of the EP election for domestic politics was that Jobbik is now the second power and that the Socialists have collapsed. It follows that Jobbik can become Fidesz’s challenger — “a great responsibility,” Vona said.

Low turnout is a caution, indicating that Hungarian society does not trust the European Union, he said.

Krisztina Morvai, the party’s top MEP candidate, said Jobbik had been able to produce such results under circumstances in which “the media, the secret services and the prosecution are under direct political control.”

“But hundreds of thousands of people have shown that the Fifties cannot be brought back,” she said.

The success of eurosceptic, euro-realist parties throughout Europe also proves that “all of us would like to have a common Europe but something totally different from what is offered to us now,” Vona said.

The European Union should be restructured to form a “looser confederation” than now, Zoltan Balczo, who won an EP mandate on Jobbik’s list, said on Sunday.

In light of the results of Euro-sceptic parties, Balczo voiced hope that the EU would abandon efforts “to build a United States of Europe” and develop more flexible ties between members.

Balczo, one of Jobbik’s 3 MEPs, said he wanted to work in EP committees in charge of education, research, or regional development.

Stands behind accused MEP

Vona on Monday also voiced support for Bela Kovacs, who won a mandate to the EP as the third candidate on Jobbik’s list in Sunday’s election. He said that charges of espionage against Kovacs had been nothing but a “hysterical campaign”.

Vona said on the night of the election that his party had been the target of “vile attacks” launched by ruling Fidesz and the opposition Socialist Party, but added that Jobbik was “strong as a rock” and it could not be broken.

Kovacs was accused of spying for Russia against the European Union in an article published in the daily Magyar Nemzet earlier in May. The paper said the Constitution Protection Office had filed a case against Kovacs for regularly conspiring with Russian diplomats and travelling to Moscow on a monthly basis. Kovacs denied the accusations.

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  • ViktorZoroban

    Nothing wrong with Russian spies in Orbanistan. If you can’t spy for your friends, who can you spy for?

    • Hungarian

      Can you let me know plz where orbanistan is?
      I have never heard the name of a country like that.

      Or is it just a well hidden kibbutz carefully surrounded by high walls so that nasty Palestinians can’t climb over it and blow themselves up?;)

  • MagyarViking

    Balczo voiced hope that the EU would abandon efforts “to build a United States of Europe” and develop more flexible ties between members.

    The biggest partygroup is EPP, winning topspot for the 4th time since 1990, a true federalist force in EU/EP

    After Whorban refused to support EPP’s Juncker as EP Speaker, the question is if Whorban and “Jobbik” should end up in the same partygroup…everything “Jobbik”/Whorban stands for regarding in the EU is challenged by the EPP top leaders

    • wolfi

      Maybe the EU should really think about making Britain leave – and Hungary could be invited to follow them!

      Making even more exceptions for those lazy Brits is not doing the EU any good – Mrs Merkel should stop spending our good German Marks on them – sorry, €s …

      Then it would make sense to ask those who want to use the German motorways for money – those Hungarians who would have to look for jobs outside Germany. Many Poles etc would be glad to get those German jobs ..

      • Hungarian

        Or maybe the EU should think about the election result for a constructive change.
        Enough of a high-horse leadership of a couple of oversized countries!

        • wolfi

          Yes, reduce the EU’s power – and the EU’s benefits for underdeveloped countries like Hungary!

          Btw, that’s what the German EU-sceptics like AfD ask for – and if Mrs Merkel follows them and also sends those Hungarian workers and immigrants home?

          Should Germany and Austria etc close their borders against immigrants too – like Farage and Le Pen ask for ?

          • Hungarian

            Absolutely Yes!
            Why should Hungary lose its bests?
            Isn’t it bleeding already enough?

            It’s industries are gone.
            It’s markets are gone.
            It’s financial sector is just a big scam.

            And know you want in Germany it’s final and best assets?
            The skilled labor?

          • just saying

            Funny that you think that just because those Hungarians would not be able to work in Germany, Austria, etc. that they would then magically find jobs in Hungary! You really are one of the biggest morons I’ve ever had the displeasure of being disgusted by!

            Speaking from personal experience, those Hungarians who go outside Hungary for work are not just leaving because they can’t find decent jobs, they are leaving because they are fed up with corruption, homophobia, and political chicanery (43% of the vote gets Fidesz a 2/3 majority!?), not to mention the attitude of losers like you, who think that they should be forced to come back to Hungary and clear brush 50 kilometers from their homes in order to get their unemployment checks. Besides, they often bring their money home and start businesses here, or at least buy homes or give some to their families.

            You act like you are the font of all knowledge, but it takes a true idiot to be so flippantly arrogant and so ignorant at the same time.

          • Hungarian

            By nature I am an atheist but I must use the expression:” OMG!”

            Are you a retard or something?
            A) yes they would find jobs in hungary but for less money
            B) Hungary is a better place to live in than in a car trail park in the USA, or a Brazilian slum, or an Israeli ghetto.
            Just because Hungary is not at the level of Japan don’t write it down. It’s a vibrant place full of tourists and apparently ppl like you.
            C) Fidesz now got over 50% and add to that Jobbik and you got two thirds who has enough of your bullshit asses on the left.

            And finally start your civilized outrages with lashes out of your frustration with your impotent no future left by trying to insult me, but you can’t.

        • fred gutman

          where have you been mr appleman

  • Angela Bogaczy

    ‘Krisztina Morvai, the party’s top MEP candidate, said Jobbik had been
    able to produce such results under circumstances in which “the media,
    the secret services and the prosecution are under direct political
    control.” ‘

    • szebbjovot

      I think it’s because majority of eurosceptic Jobbik supporters don’t bother to vote in the EU elections.

      • ViktorZoroban

        I think most Hungarians don’t bother at all as long as they have their monthly 42,000 huf, moonshine palinka and Ukrainian cigarettes.

        • Hungarian

          You have the right to think.
          But I don’t know why you have the right to troll?

          • Angela Bogaczy

            ‘But I don’t know why you have the right to troll’

            Because he has the right to think but cannot? That’s like homosexuals mincing for the right to start a family: If you are not equipped for it, you have a right to it.

            And if you find this position illogical, then you are homophobic. Got me? 🙂

          • Hungarian

            I have always suspected das alles ist nicht in ordnung;)

          • Angela Bogaczy

            ‘in ordnung’? Now, that must be racists, or fascist, or nazi, or … Well, I’m sure Hitler must have said this at least once in his life.

          • Hungarian

            Yeah, I think he sad that during the Berlin Olympics while watching Furious George winning the 100 meter…

            …along with fireing a couple of campaign organizers;)

          • Angela Bogaczy

            That’s got to be it.

          • Hungarian

            I know that was when he decided to build a bunker, marry Eva, put his dog to sleep and bought a brand knew service revolver;)

            Could he saw multi culturism coming?:)

          • Angela Bogaczy

            ‘multi culturism coming’

            Oh, my! I doubt that Hitler or anyone foresaw, or could even have imagined, that vicious attack on Christian civilisation.

            (Just off to respond to an SOS call from my son. He’s none too keen on the farm work our friend and his own son are treating him to. Ati loves it, though: He’s top dog there, and tolerates no multiculturalism.)

          • Hungarian

            Ah… Those echte Ungarische wolfs;)
            The Wehrmacht of nicht mehr bullshit;)

            I am glad that Ati has found a good home.
            And your son doesn’t know what he is missing, gut physical education.

            I always loved those school trips to the “let’s go to the country side and pick tomatoes until sundown”

            Man we had the greatest tomato fights since the little Spanish town invented the concept of throwing tomatos for fun;)

            When looking at tomato prices in Tokyo, I admit I have second thoughts though;)

          • Angela Bogaczy

            ‘Ah… Those echte Ungarische wolfs;)’
            Ati would eat a wolf.

            ‘The Wehrmacht of nicht mehr bullshit;)
            That’s spot on.

            I put the tomato fight to my son. He says he prefers rugby. But I’m sorry to hear that Tokyo tomato prices are so prohibitive. 🙂

          • szebbjovot

            “But I don’t know why you have the right to troll?”

            You were a much, much bigger troll under your Rosti account. Nowadays you still troll, just more subtly. Though with a bit of poking you give yourself away and expose yourself as the troll that you are.

          • Hungarian

            the rosti account wasn’t mine you low end mudslinger.
            You can check with Erik collaborator Slovakian boy who sleeps with his Slovakian passport under his bed but acts like a great opposition to Slovak rule on this blog!

      • Angela Bogaczy

        You are probably right. The 29% turnout suggests that most Hungarians feel like those not-voting Jobbik eurosceptics.

    • Hungarian

      I’d say UKiP won because immigration is a real issue in the UK and ppl are fed up with it.

      Jobbik came in second because of ppl are weary of crime rate in the countryside and or with the low salaries they need to work for as a slave to foreign corporations.

      • Angela Bogaczy

        I agree with you re the immigration problem and UKIP. I must admit, though, that I’m a bit surprised by Jobbik’s low-ish performance, in contrast with its strong one in the national elections. Then again, one must not underestimate the contempt in the under-30 age-group for the EU. Jobbik has a strong voter base there.

        (My favourite dream: the EU HQ building imploding gently, as if it were breaking wind. And I’m well over 30.)

        • Hungarian

          Jobbik “low” showing can be attributed to low turn out in the country side.
          The percentage was much higher in Budapest, which we know almost half of it is leftist oriented museum pieces…

          • Angela Bogaczy

            ‘The percentage was much higher in Budapest’

            This is good news indeed! Do you have any thoughts on why the countryside lagged?

          • Hungarian

            Good question.
            My wildest guess would be lack of communication on the importance to vote.

            As to a scientific approach, I’d love to see a survey on why ppl did go to vote and others why didn’t.

            We have plenty of surveys on everything else…

          • Angela Bogaczy

            The findings, if genuine, might be unacceptable to the Trans-Atlantics? (Orban does not what Biden hissing into his shell-like again?)

          • Hungarian

            Argh… Two more years of those guys … Santa Biden and WhobamaCare…
            Damn those (fake) Yankees

        • Hungarian

          PS: I hope the EU is getting the message in that ever so busy HQ.

          Let’s deal with real problems….

      • Procastinator

        are you really that brainwashed ? or do you have no idea about the Hungarian job market ?
        most of my friends here work for multinationals , IBM , BT , Voda … and they do it because well for 1 they pay much better then the local companies , and two the offer jobs , the only slave labor is the public works , which is 100% pure Hungarian , lets compare what they make to a friend of mine who started working on Monday for Vodafone and get 200k a month , both me and my wife get government salaries and if we had to live of that it would be impossible , crime rate on the countryside is a problem , and maybe if the people there would not live in absolute poverty and squalor , the crime rate would not be.
        Jobbik came in second because people love being victims and voting Jobbik is just a way to re affirm that , nothing is our fault everything is wrong because of the Jews Gypsies Eu and multinationals , and people love believing that they are not useless failures , and that all that is wrong in their life is someone else fault .
        maybe if the government offered normal Job opportunities , with normal salary the smartest and the best people in the country would not be leaving in Hordes , but I think their answer to the problem will eventually be , banning foreign travel , canceling all foreign language studies and going for Mao style propaganda telling all Hungarians that Hungary is the best and the big bad Eu that is paying all your bills just wants to kill you all .
        And as for Jobbik they could not lead a turd to a toilet while taking a shit on one .

  • Torquemada Tamás

    Why is it that EVERY white country is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?

    Why is it that EVERY white country is told to end its own race/culture?

    No one asks that of -ANY- non-White country.

    Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries

    Anti-whites call themselves “anti-racists” but their actions lead to the elimination of only one race, the White race.

    The purpose of “anti-racism” is to genocide White children.

    Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

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