May 26th, 2014

Socialist leadership’s resignation likely to pass, says Szanyi

The Socialist presidium’s offer of resignation to the board is likely to be accepted, Tibor Szanyi, the party’s senior official, said on Monday, after the Socialists’ poor showing in the European elections.

Hungary’s Socialist Party wants to renew itself, but changes in official posts alone will not help the party to succeed, Szanyi, leader of the Socialist list for the European Parliament, said on public Kossuth Radio on Monday.

Commenting on Sunday’s election results, Szanyi said that the Socialists had never performed so poorly, but added that the party was still the strongest democratic opposition force in the country.

He said his party’s situation was “serious” and he did not expect many candidates for party leader once incumbent chair Attila Mesterhazy resigned.

The outcome and possible reasons will be analysed and decisions about future steps made at the steering board’s meeting on Saturday, he said.

European election results were released on Sunday showing the ruling Fidesz alliance with 51.49 percent of the vote amid turnout of 28 percent.

Radical nationalist Jobbik garnered 14.68 percent of the overall vote, as against 10.92 percent by the Socialists, 9.76 percent by leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), 7.22 percent by E-PM and 5.01 percent by the green LMP.

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