June 9th, 2014

E-PM motions for national security screening of foreign affairs committee members

E-PM motions for national security screening of parlt foreign affairs cttee members (adds Jobbik)
2014. June 06. 16:27
Budapest, June 6 (MTI) – The E-PM leftist opposition alliance has submitted an amendment proposal on the security screening of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, the party said on Friday.
The party’s co-leaders Timea Szabo and Peter Konya argued that members of the committee have access to information that can be used also in the interest of foreign countries, the party said in a statement.

The aim is to establish whether “certain” politicians of radical nationalist Jobbik pose a national security risk, it said.

Several Jobbik politicians have been suspected of posing such a risk and most recently even more serious charges have emerged against Bela Kovacs, an MEP of the party, it added.

Kovacs “is known in Brussels as a Russian lobbyist against whom legal proceedings are under way on spying charges,” E-PM said.

E-PM alleged that information had emerged in connection with Marton Gyongyosi, another Jobbik lawmaker and member of the foreign affairs committee, on which basis “it can be assumed” that he has been serving foreign interests, the party said.

Jobbik in response called E-PM’s proposal “revolting and ridiculous”. Marton Gyongyosi, the party’s deputy group leader, referred to E-PM head Gordon Bajnai’s recent participation in the Bilderberg Group’s “conspirative, secret meeting” and said that according to press reports participants in that meeting had agreed to deter investors from Hungary.

Gyongyosi insisted that if those reports prove true, Bajnai has committed treason.

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    Yep’ let’s hear who are the guys with dual or even triple citizenship in the parliament!

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