July 15th, 2014

Neo-Nazi website owner flees the US

Béla Varga, owner of the extreme right-wing website kuruc.info, registered in the US, has fled to Canada after the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest.

Varga, a resident of California, is a Canadian-Hungarian dual citizen.

Varga is suspected of harassing and threatening to kill the lawyer who had obtained a subpoena to question him about the website.

He was arrested in California in May but set free on $250,000 bail. When he failed to appear at two hearings in San Francisco, a warrant for his arrest was issued. Varga, his wife and two sons then fled to Canada.

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  • MagyarViking

    Next stop Moscow, where Putin will put him in the same block of flats as Snowden and the others

    A bail of 250KUSD and that serious charge must make the Canadian Authorities extradite him to the US, if not even to Hungary. The latter the US would most likely never do

    • Havelaar

      why would they extradite him to Hungary?
      The charges against him are for threatening a lawyer in the US.
      You don’t seem to know much about law.

      • MagyarViking

        You miss the small fact that the reason for any lawyer in the US would like to speak with “Béla Varga, owner of the extreme right-wing website kuruc.info, registered in the US”, is that “the lawyer who had obtained a subpoena to question him about the website” did so either directly or indrectly from the Hungarian Government
        Hungarian Police has for many years wanted to speak with this Neo-Nazi. This is obviously only news for the “hungarian japanese copy”…

        • Havelaar

          So what’s the crime committed in Hungary on which basis Hungary can request extradition?
          Hurting your Jewish pride?

    • olga

      Moscow would be good, maybe Orban was trying to – I sense Canadian tax dollars being spent on extraditing him to the US .but the sooner the better.

    • olga

      Forgot: I couldn’t find any reference to this jerk in any Canadian Media in English, so I turned to “Kanadai Magyarsag” – I will read the article and comments later because it will take me forever to go through it but I know by now, you are diligently learning Hungarian and will understand every word easier than I will – you can always get your wife or kids to translate a word or two if you get stuck. 🙂

      Look at that picture – poor kids. I wonder if they have been programmed to hate since the day they were born and if they are smart enough to ignore it.


      • Havelaar

        Or maybe they were programmed to filter out Jewish propaganda and think for themselves from day one….

        I know this concept will be foreign and indigestible to you, so I will respect your limits.

  • Havelaar

    Brave hero!

    • Vidra

      Will you help pay his legal fees?

      • Havelaar

        Good old days of blogging when you got to answer brighter question.
        This fake foreign fake left community here has really sank to all time lows….

        • Hungarian

          Havicka stop projecting! A Hungarian who left for Japan should not feel like a fake Hungarian. Just a simple failure will do.

          • Havelaar

            Keep trolling Just saying you fake blonde fatso.
            I see you nothing to say on any subject just being obssesed with me;)

        • Vidra

          It was a genuine question, but it was stupid to think that someone with such traditional values as you would ever put his hand in his own pocket.

          You have a pont about “fake” this and that. Of course, such rules don’t apply toe paraszts either, nem?

    • Matthew 6:5

      No, just a BIGOT DOUCHEBAG

  • Freedom

    Support to Bela Varga, political prisoner of the globalist.
    Persecuted for Kuruc.info courageous news coverage.

    • Jim

      the lambent flame of perspicacity

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