August 19th, 2014

Hungary signs agreement on developing air defence missile system

Hungary’s defence ministry on Tuesday signed an agreement with MBDA France on developing the Mistral air-defence missile system in Hungary during the period of 2016-2018.

The document was signed by Colonel Tibor Balla, deputy director general of the ministry’s defence economy office, and Didier Philippe, MBDA’s senior deputy president in Budapest.

Under the agreement the Mistral M2 missiles serving country defence purposes in Hungary since 1997 will be upgraded.

Further, the defence ministry will purchase more advanced Mistral M3 type missiles.

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  • Havelaar

    “the Mistral air-defence missile system in Hungary” will be aimed at the East or the West?” Just asking. Smile.

    • 1Magyar

      Air-DEFENCE missle. It will be pointed up. The real question is where will the threat come from? East or west?

    • ddd


      How can you smile at war???

      It is you who wants war, because you are mentally not stable.

      Yet you will not fight.

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