September 29th, 2014

Orbán orders banning of “racist” conference

Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday instructed the Hungarian authorities to use every legal means at their disposal to bar an “extremist and racist” conference from taking place in Budapest between October 3 and 5.

The conference has been planned by the National Policy Institute, which is based in the United States.

A group within the opposition Socialist Party last week called for the conference planned by “a racist organisation that promotes white supremacy,” to be banned.

The foreign ministry said in a statement earlier that the Hungarian government firmly distanced itself from any xenophobic or discriminative events. Radical circles would use this initiative to undermine Hungary’s international reputation, which is unacceptable, the ministry said.

Keynote speakers at the planned conference include Russian radical ideologist Alexandr Dugin and Hungarian lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi of the radical nationalist Jobbik party.

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  • Bowen

    Leaving it a bit late, isn’t he?

  • Democrat

    Digin`s visa will be cancelled. He will appear by video link and thereby draw attention to Hungary`s continued attempts to suppress free speech. A glorious own goal by our Dear Leader.

    • Vidra

      European law tends to strike a different balance between the right to freedom of speech and a speaker’s obligation not to threaten or denigrate the rights of others than they do in the USA. Never mind – you don’t need a conference to find a friendly bar in Budapest to meet other men from around the world who like to wear moustaches, dark trousers and tight white T-shirts.

  • Hungarian

    Where is the free speech you supposed to have in a democracy?
    I want to see what is discussed about negro migraton to europe and my country!

    • Hungarian

      If Krisztian want to hear about this subject he can hear from a bunch of scholars ( that will make an objective analysis free of hatred.

    • Bistander

      You are very silly. Please do not leave Hungary…

  • curri

    Putin should just put Dugin in jail if he doesn’t like what he says. Just like the West puts David Irving, Ernst Zundel and numerous others in jail for saying the wrong things. This can’t have anything to with NPI, which is a virtually unknown and ineffectual group that goes out of its way to be moderate-sounding and philo-Semitic.

  • LeePefley

    Hungary likes to represent itself as a modern democracy; in fact the government of that country is perpetuating the totalitarian instincts of a society that is terrified of controversy and ideas.
    Tito Perdue

  • Nicholas I

    I hate when headlines don’t match a story. But this one is absurd in that the very first line contradicts the headline.

    Headline: “Orbán orders banning…”

    First line: “Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday instructed the Hungarian authorities to use every legal means at their disposal…”

    “Orders ban” is a dictate.

    What he did (or is alleged to have done) was negative, but legal.

  • Nicholas I

    I’m not sure if what Orban did (or is alleged to have done) is really offensive. It seems wrong, but on the other hand I don’t trust Spencer or Sunic or Taylor (esp. Taylor), and Dugin is blatantly anti-White. If they have no right to be in Hungary, the gob’t has no obligation to allow them entry. Of course, Hungary is a Schengen state, so there’s really nothing stopping these people from entering Hungary via Austria, Slovenia or Slovakia. Sounds like a lot of hype going on.

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