October 31st, 2014

Orbán says internet tax cannot be introduced in current form

The telecom tax cannot be extended to the internet in its current form, the 2015 budget will take Hungary closer to full employment and Hungary’s secure gas supply is guaranteed, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

Orban told public radio Kossuth that the tax bill currently in front of parliament needs to be amended.

The new tax on the internet cannot be introduced in its current form because “the debate has gone askew” and “a common basis is missing”, with the people seeing an internet tax where the government only wanted a technical amendment in order to extend the telecom tax. As the public now questions the rationale behind the whole thing, “under these circumstances nothing can be introduced,” the prime minister added.

The government must accept that the reasonability of every measure must be assessed and if the public not only opposes a measure but finds it unreasonable, then it should not be taken, Orban said.

“We are not Communists, we are not governing against the people but together with the people,” he added.

After the holidays, in mid-January, a national consultation will have to be launched on the internet, including its financial aspects, he said.

“It is necessary to find where the huge profit from internet services goes and whether parts of it could be kept in Hungary and channeled to the budget,” Orban said.

The government’s aim to make broadband internet available in every Hungarian home by 2020 is unchanged, he said. Agreements with the service providers have already been signed and the several hundred billion forint programme will “take Hungary to the vanguards of Europe”, he added.

The government earlier proposed a 150 forints per gigabyte tax on internet traffic payable by internet service providers. A modification to the tax bill would cap the tax at a monthly 700 forints for households and 5,000 forints for businesses.

Orban also said that next year’s budget will take the country closer to full employment. The goal is that there should be no need for income subsidies by the year 2018, he added.

There will be economic growth, unemployment will drop, more people will have jobs, families’ financial situation will improve and the government will protect pensions, Orban said in connection with next year’s projected economic indicators. However, he added that despite a further drop in public debt by the year’s end, it remains a problem that “we are spending more than what we earn” and so the cabinet has set the goal to stop overspending.

Orban called bringing banks to account the priority for the year to come. This is why criticism against Hungary is getting “thicker” these days, he said. On past occasions when interests were harmed, such as during the early repayment scheme and the utility fee cut scheme, criticism was also getting thicker, he added.

Commenting on the US entry ban, Orban said it is impossible to find defence against general accusations and it must be made clear that “we are expecting information on concrete cases.” Hungary maintains zero tolerance against corruption and everyone is obliged to report information on corruption to the authorities, he said.

“This would also oblige the Americans but it seems they do not keep to it,” he added.

Audits currently under way revealed US companies’ involvement in VAT fraud but it is not yet known how deeply they are involved and “whether they stand on the good side or the bad side” because the investigation is not yet completed, Orban said.

Thanks to a trilateral agreement signed between the European Union, Ukraine and Russia on winter gas supplies earlier today, it is now guaranteed that the Russia-Ukraine debate would not threaten energy supplies to Hungary, he said.

“We hope that this agreement will be long-lasting,” Orban said and added that Hungarian gas reserves were being filled at a good pace.

Commenting on the possibility of supplying gas to Serbia through Hungary, he said “we have enough gas to make some available even in case of trouble” so “the Serbs will not freeze”.

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  • Democrat

    The guy has a nerve… “the debate has gone astray”….there was no debate, no consultation. “a common basis is missing”….there has been no attempt to find a common basis. Another National Consultation. How about publishing the results of the last ones.

    • common sense 019

      “there was no debate”

      Hmmm, lets see. The law was not even presented in its final form yet to the Parliament. The Parliamentary debate did not even start yet. So, you are right, in this sense ‘there was no debate’ yet.

      The social debate has been already ongoing, unless you missed all the headlines in all the media about the issue. Maybe your old communist reflexes do not see this as a debate, because the media in the ‘good old days’ days was simply a bulletin board of your party’s interests, and not a real forum of debate, but yes, the debate has been going on for more than a week.

      On the other hand, if you consider the siege and vandalisation of the governing party headquarters, or physical abuse of members of the media reporting, by the storm troopers of your political and ideological ilk, than you are right, there was and there is no debate, only aggression and vandalism.

      • Varga

        DO NOT TRY TO TWIST THIS, BY CALLING PEOPLE COMMUNISTS!!!! There were no debates because Orban didn’t consult ANYONE before introducing the tax to parliament! You fucking trolls think you can control how this looks for Fidesz? Guess again fucker, cause not one of you ex commies are going to get away Scott free. Calling people “hate filled” because you are? You are a transparent Fidesz troll, and will not steal this forum or any others. The people are waking up finally and when they find out how badly they have been fooled, look out, cause god help you if you try this shit once that happens, you will be lucky to get out with your teeth intact!

        • common sense 019

          Oh the articulate hate-filled and bigoted minion has arrived scared shitless from a different opinion … hmmm … what a perfect illustration of the current Hungarian so-called left-wing opposition’s concept of democracy, freedom of speech and tolerance:)))) The great iron fist of democracy will crush me … :))))) Perhaps you are late by about 50 years :)))) What a pathological loser …

          • Hungarian

            These communists are always late some years.
            Where the fuck were they in the 1500 hundreds when Dozsa called them!

          • Varga

            HAHAHAHAHA! Communists? You mean such as yourself? Why are you in Japan? Why did you run to the USA? Not welcome in Hungary anymore? I wonder why? Could it be because you are a traitor?

          • Hungarian

            Well here is one reason I use the name Hungarian, so that all Hungarians do not look as stupid as Japanese Hungarian.

            There were no communists in the 1500’s. This counterproductive idea was not invented until the 1840’s.

          • Varga

            The only hate I have is for people who wish to destroy Hungary and take us back to dictatorship or Communist times. I am talking about fuckers like you!

      • wolfi

        In the last four years for those almost one thousand new laws there never were long debates in parliament – if you lived in Hungary you’d know that!

        And often changes in the proposals were introduced in the last moment so nobody had a chance to think them through – that’s why it happened several times that laws were found later to be inconsistent in themselves or with the constitution …

        But of course you don’t care for that!


        Your last paragraph is really funny – total idiocy compared to what really happened as it was shown even on your favourite North Korean state tv!

      • Democrat

        “Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public radio on Friday that the tax bill before parliament needs to be amended”……so how can you possible assert “The law was not even presented yet in its final form to the Parliament”? The fact is that it was presented and would most likely have been passed as it stood if there had not been a public outcry.

        Regarding Ms Kroes`s comments….I missed the hate element. I very much doubt that she hates Hungary. Hate is a very exhausting emotion, just look how Orban has aged over the last 5 years. I am sure that there is nothing in her mandate preventing her from commenting on proposed legislation. Of course Hungarian lawmakers can, and probably did, ignore her.

        The withdrawal of this legislation will create a HUF30bn hole in the 2015 budget which has just been tabled. Do you honestly believe that the new tax to plug the hole will be debated publicly before legislation is drawn up? Somehow I doubt it. Having two thirds is not a mandate to push people around.

  • wolfi

    ” a national consultation will have to be launched on the internet”

    Maybe it’ll find that the internet is unhealthy and bad for Hungarians – like in North Korea …
    You could call this funny if it weren’t so sad …

    • common sense 019

      You seem to know so well what it is like in North Korea … you must have spent there quite a bit of time … I understand you heartfelt attachment …

      • wolfi

        I’ve spent half of the last fifteen years in Hungary – that’s enough to learn about the corruption of the Fidesz mafia …

        If it weren’t for the nice Hungarians (yes, they exist – especially my wife …) I’d have retreated a long time ago.

        And now even my wife has been talking on living all the time in Germany – even if it meant that she sees her family just once or twice a year …

        But after the last few days there’s a shimmer of hope!

        • Hungarian

          What the fuck are ya doing in Hungary if ya don’t like it?
          Stop being a grouchy ass on this site day and night.
          Hungary is not about to lick your German Jewish ass!
          Wake up arrogant garbage!

          • wolfi

            Only the stupid 40% of Hungarians voted for the mafia – that’s around the same percentage as creationists in the USA!

            Now go figure …

    • Hungarian

      dont ya fucking name Hungary on the same page with north Korea you slimy Jewish prick!

      • wolfi

        Orbanistan will be on the same page in history books as North Korea!

  • A Friend

    He’s not going to admit defeat. He’s found a way of weaseling out of the whole catastrophe – at least for the time being.

    • Hungarian

      go defeat him at the polls…. Then we talk about a defeat my ‘friend’….

      • Varga

        Oh trust me, he will be defeated, you Mr. fake Hungarian should just stick to Japanese politics.

        • Hungarian

          don’t give me the will bes Tarka Farku Varga.
          Your asses has just been kicked three times in a role;)

          • Varga

            Really? Regardless of your assumptions, I have had nothing kicked……..you on the other hand have been beaten too many times!

          • Hungarian

            Didn’t ya notice old fool?

    • common sense 019

      What defeat? Idiot. Your wee-little, pee-size brain is completely programmed for winning and losing? Have you heard of consensus? What a Neanderthal …

  • Hungarian

    There you go.
    A leader who listens to the public.
    Unlike those communist Gyurcsany led band who shoot your eyes out, dare you protest.

    • ViktorZoroban

      October 22 should become a Memorial Day to honor the 6,800 victims of the Gyurcsany regime. People who lost their eyes, toes and keys for the love of the Illiberal Fairytale. Plus, that way we will have a extra long weekend.

    • Hungarian

      This is a “leader” who didn’t listen to the public, didn’t listen to the business community, didn’t even listen to members of his party, and now he is owned.

      I also, suspect this is just a stalking tactic. He is not talking about doing away with this ridiculous tax, only modify it. He still has the temerity to suggest it is not a tax.

    • Varga

      He had no choice, or there would have been trouble for sure, he not only would have shot peoples eyes out but worse, so go fuck yourself useless troll!

    • Zeb

      Running scared more like, the fuckwit!

  • Zeb

    This is backtracking at it’s finest! He knows be made a huge mistake.

    • Hungarian

      nobody is perfect.
      He makes stupid mistakes sometimes like all of us….

      • Varga

        You mean like you did in 2006? Stupid for sure!!!

  • MagyarViking

    So where are our Defenders of Whorban’s Internet Tax, like ‘PutinPutaleto’ and FUC now?
    Takes long time how to figure out how to spin this into a Yet Another Victory For Whorban?

    Otherwise the end of this week has been good for Despots losing face, like this and Putin had to sign a 3party deal with EU and Ukraine to guarantee gas to Ukraine and Europe, now when the oil-price gone down so dramaticly, the sanctions are starting really to bite, so he needs the kopeks he gets from selling gas to us

    And to next winter Europe will be much more prepared to need less of Putin’s gas…if the bastard survives so long…

    • common sense 019

      Oh, the MagyarVanking, the head of the VankerParty is at it again :)) Wallowing in his miserable hate and bigotry :))) And, he thinks…he has a clue about what democracy is .. :))

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