February 11th, 2015

Opposition party files complaint over Jobbik-deputy’s anti-Roma Facebook post

The opposition Dialogue for Hungary party is filing a complaint with police over an earlier Facebook post made by the radical nationalist Jobbik councillor for the town of Mezőtúr, in central Hungary, who posted anti-Roma statements.
The complaint is against János Kötél for incitement to hatred and violence. Jobbik’s leader, Gábor Vona, has told Kötél to spend three days with a Roma member of the party to make amends for his statements made in the past few years. Kötél said it would buy weapons to kill Roma. Vona called Kötél’s statements “unacceptable”. The local politician recently won a by-election in Mezőtúr, trouncing the Fidesz party candidate.

Dialogue for Hungary politician Gábor Erőss said that if Jobbik were serious about condemning Kötél’s actions then they would throw him out of the party immediately.

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  • MagyarViking

    if Jobbik were serious about condemning Kötél’s actions then they would throw him out of the party immediately

    Hungarian politicians are only expelled when their wifes falls over blind dogs, then Hungarians are dog lovers and do not want to elect such politicians who chose to marry such women

  • wolfi

    “Kötél said it would buy weapons…”
    I nice Freudian slip – this guy really is just a subhuman creature. The bad news:
    There are many of its ilk in (and out of …) Hungary – just look at the comments on this site!

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