February 12th, 2015

Fidesz youth leader caught with thousands in fake euro notes

Áron Veres, the chairperson of the youth division of ruling party Fidesz, was found by police to be in possession of EUR 30,000 in counterfeit euro notes last week, Index.hu reports.

Veres’s capture took place alongside a much-publicized police raid aimed at apprehending illegal immigrants at Budapest’s Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station, when he gave a fake EUR 100 note to an unofficial money-changer who immediately notified the police officers on duty. Veres tried to flee but was apprehended, and the police found EUR 30,000 in counterfeit notes when they searched his apartment. (A picture of the notes can be seen on the official Hungarian police website.)

Veres said in his testimony that he got the fake euros from a man from Moldova, and regretted being “sold down the river” by him.

Fidesz quickly responded to the revelation by claiming that Veres had been excluded from the party in 2012, meaning he is no longer the chairperson of their youth division, and they “can take no responsibility for his actions.” Contrary to this, 444.hu writes that Veres spoke at a conference in 2014 February as chairperson, a position he still held last December according to a local newspaper in Zalaegerszeg.

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  • Ingrid

    If you are not high enough in the ranks to steal the money, you have to print them yourfelf.

    • wolfi

      No, no! He got it from this shady guy in Moldova – for services you don’t really want to know about …

  • Dave

    Cut the guy some slack. We’ve all been there. He was just unlucky enough to get caught.

    • ViktorZorroban

      I don’t even understand why counterfeit Euro’s are a problem here. It’s written in our Holy Hungarian Constitution: the only currency that can be used on our sacred soil is the 700-year-old forint.

      • Vidra

        I thought Matolcsy was going to replace the forint with the New Pengő, amid much rejoicing from those who wished they’d been living between 1920 and 1944, when the forint hits 500 against the Euro,

  • MagyarViking

    Veres said in his testimony that he got the fake euros from a man from Moldova, and regretted being “sold down the river” by him

    Yes, a typical “illegal immigrant”, which is the type of person Fidesz/”Jobbik” now loves to blame everything on, now when both ‘Ze Jews’ and Roma have gone out of fashion…

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