February 17th, 2015

State school agency provides information about Scientology Church activities

The state agency for schools (KLIK) provides up-to-date information to schools and school districts about the operation and methods of the Scientology Church and their front groups in Hungary, the agency said. Responding to an enquiry by MTI concerning a recent report by the Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) showing that the church had carried out self- promotion campaigns in several schools with state funding under the guise of “drug-prevention” initiatives, the agency insisted that schools are required to screen organisations before hosting such events.

TASZ earlier turned to the agency to find out whether there was any proof of cooperation between organisations close to the Scientology Church and schools. The church organised programs with state funding or in cooperation with the schools, the rights groups said, citing the agency’s documented response.

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  • Zeb

    Wow, a government agency doing something right for once! Christian Science is not a religion ffs.

    • It’s not “Christian Science”. It’s Scientology … which is a ruthless, evil business, not a religion.

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