February 19th, 2015

Socialists call for support for independent candidate in Veszprém by-election

The Socialist Party has called on candidates of the democratic opposition in the upcoming by-election in Western Hungary’s Veszprém to withdraw from competition and ensure support for independent candidate Zoltán Kész.

Local Socialist leader Zoltán Gőgös said that Kész was the only candidate who had the chance to “break the momentum” of the ruling parties. Gőgös singled out the green LMP party, and warned that its insisting on fielding a candidate of its own could help ruling Fidesz to an election victory by just a few percent of the votes.

LMP co-leader András Schiffer, however, said that LMP’s candidate Ferenc Gerstmár was “the only alternative” to Fidesz, and called Kész a candidate of the “pseudo-Left”. He insisted that those voting for Kész “do not wish to have a real opposition”.

Sunday’s by-election will be crucial from the point of view of ruling Fidesz retaining its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

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  • A few thoughts from the candidate these “Socialists” support:

    “I don’t believe in equal chances”. He supported the full privatization of education (also at primary and secondary levels) and of health care. Besides he doesn’t believe in “segélyezés” (giving benefits to people) and he doesn’t believe in “általános választójog” (general suffrage) either. 🙂


    • imri

      If you have to choose between pseudo-left or the grovelling, fake-patriot Fidesz sell-outs who disgrace Hungary while enriching only themselves, then pseudo-left is easily the better choice.

      PS Leto and that pro-government newspaper take the quotes out of context and misrepresent them of course.

      • “out of context”, “misrepresented”


        • Vidra

          I might be bothered to look up the article if you didn’t use these stupid emoticons. Which do you want – reasoned debate or to look like a wanker?

          • You don’t matter anymore. Feel free to ignore all my posts.

          • ViktorZorroban

            Blame it on the Trianon guys… They took “your sea” after all!

          • Vidra

            Not obsessed at all, just that calling you a silly little man doesn’t seem apt for someone who still plays with emoticons. Hence the schoolboy term of abuse.

          • So you mention that sexual activity in each second of your posts because you’re “not obsessed” with it at all. :))

          • Vidra

            Far fewer than that – maybe a third of the posts I send in reply to you. Nobody else qualifies for that word.

          • Oh, well, that’s still a very significant share of your posts. I suggest you should seek counselling.

          • Varga

            And you are obsessed with Horthy, Orban and homosexuality.

          • Vidra

            And Jews. And Gyurcsany. And opinion polls.

        • MagyarViking

          OK, so he writes about when he was in Austria mountain climbing

          • OK, so you don’t speak Hungarian at any reasonable level.

          • MagyarViking

            Enough to understand that Zoltán Kész wrote about climbing a mountain in Austria and has the pictures to prove it…but where do you have the text to prove anything else…or you are just randomly selecting from his blog hoping no one will check it out?

          • You’re lying as usual.

          • justasking

            I wonder if he knows the difference, between ‘mountain climbing’ and going for a stroll in the mountains aka ‘hiking’?

            All the mountain climbers I’ve ever seen, are so ripped, you’d think that they’d have muscle in their shit.

      • Saint Coemgen

        “If you have to choose….”

        The MSZP is trying to convince everyone there are just two choices: MSZP or Fidesz. Better known as a false dilemma. Which is a logical fallacy commonly attempted by political parties.

        For myself, if I found candidates of two major parties unacceptable, I would not lower my personal moral or ethical code just to exchange one problem with another. And I think, the Hungarians exiting the election process may feel the same: neither MSZP or Fidesz are an acceptable, real choice.

        “….between pseudo-left or the grovelling [sic], fake-patriot Fidesz sell-outs who disgrace Hungary while enriching only themselves”

        I see it differently. To me, calling him “pseudo-left” is to point out that both MSZP and Fidesz are made up of groveling, fake-patriot sell-outs who disgrace Hungary while enriching only themselves. The “only” difference being which small group of well connect people in either party profit when they are in power. In the end, the average person is still left out.

        Or in other words, MSZP and Fidesz may just be the left and right hand of the same monster.

        • pantanifan

          So what would you suggest (if anything)? Abstaining, or voting Jobbik/ DK/ LMP/ Együtt?

    • Hungarian

      The strategy is break the pseudo 2/3 deadlock. If he is electable then run him. If he has some views that are outside of the mainstream left it does not matter he will have no influence as a rookie.

      • The supermajority doesn’t have much significance since there are no laws which need to be modified and a supermajority of all MPs would be required to alter.

        • Hungarian

          Leto as usual is full of BS. There are plenty of new laws Fidesz could pass and they have a history of fine tuning laws to benefit their cronies and themselves.

          It would also be a symbolic defeat that would signal the end of their hegemony.

          The fact that Leto finds it necessary to try and smear this candidate makes it clear how conceded Fidesz is about losing it supermajority.

          • “There are plenty of ”

            Just tell me one. 🙂

          • Curious George

            Passing specific legislation to make secret or prevent transparency on any future issue which may be of public interest.

          • Specifically what “specific legislation”, African immigrant? 😉

          • Hungarian

            The village idiot is trying to suggest Fidesz has new no laws planned this year.

            Why stop at one.

            Let’s start with the law that will gut the national park system, by slashing its budget and putting its administration in an agency mandated to develop land.

            Or the planned rehaul of conservation laws, that would put hunting groups in charge of writing the laws without including inputs from scientific experts on conservation. These are the same hunting groups that wanted to legalize the shooting of endangered birds of prey because they felt they where competing with them for game. Who needs Imperial Eagles in Hungary anyway.

            They are talking about new taxes to compensate for the lowering of the Ad tax.

            Or how about the bill regarding Paks that he just commented on recently: http://www.politics.hu/20150219/lmp-paks-bill-is-unconstitutional/

            etc., etc., etc.,……………

          • I said tell me a single law which requires two-thirds of all MPs to pass. Try again.

          • Hungarian

            No where did I say anything about laws that require 2/3 – so Leto can go fuck off.

          • You’ve commented on this post of mine:

            “The supermajority doesn’t have much significance since there are no laws which need to be modified and a supermajority of all MPs would be required to alter”

  • pantanifan

    “Gőgös singled out the green LMP party, and warned that its insisting on
    fielding a candidate of its own could help ruling Fidesz to an election
    victory by just a few percent of the votes.”

    This may or may not prove to be the case, but I prefer the LMP’s approach of letting the voters decide over the continuous attempts to impose a joint “compromise” candidate on the electorate by MSZP/DK/Együtt

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