March 20th, 2015

Taxi drivers protest Uber in Budapest

Taxi drivers in more than 60 cabs protested against ride sharing service Uber in Budapest late Thursday, reported. A number of the taxis drove through the city centre and wound up the protest near the Castle District. The blog said the drivers would protest again in rush-hour traffic next Friday if steps are not taken to level the playing field.

Uber has launched its services, available through smartphone applications, in more than 200 cities around the world. For rides in Budapest, the company advertises a base fare of 300 forint, or 99 euro cents, and a 130 forint per-
kilometre fee. Under a decree in force from September 2013, the base fare for taxis operating in Budapest was set at 450 forints and the per-kilometre fee at 280 forints. The decree, which also laid down strict requirements for vehicles, aimed to create transparency on the market and weed out unscrupulous drivers.

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  • Democrat

    Competition…let`s not be having any of that in our right wing country!

    • wolfi

      The problem is:
      That competition is unfair and the drivers for Uber work at their own risk – in Germany the courts have forbidden Uber because of this and other problems!

    • Ingrid

      Competition is 100% ok if it is fair and on equal terms. As I understand it Uber is unfair competition.

  • Since their blockade in 1990, I have never felt much sympathy towards taxi drivers but now I completely do and I support Hungary should ban Uber, too, like Germany did.

    • Varga

      Wow!!!! We agree on something!

      • Curious George

        I don’t agree with Uber’s model, but don’t you feel that taxi fares in Budapest are too high? In Narnia, gas prices are about the same as here, but we pay only 35 Euro cents/km (as opposed to 90 here). Lower taxes back home doesn’t seem to explain such differences. Does anyone know the current average monthly salary of a cab driver earns in Budapest?

        • Varga

          Yes taxis are very expensive in my opinion, however I find public transportation to be almost as fast and you don’t have to worry about parkng. I drive my own car if I am going most places far away but many days I don’t drive just use public transportation close by.

          • wolfi

            And public transportation is still free for us pensioners!
            One of my sisters was in Budapest right now and she was really astonished that Fidesz hadn’t revoked that …
            Though travelling long distances by train is not really fun because the system is so concentrated on Budapest. So to get from East Hungary to the Balaton is time consuming …

          • ” she was really astonished that Fidesz hadn’t revoked that”

            I am astonished, too. They absolutely should.

          • wolfi

            Yes, and to solve Hungary’s financial problems with the pensioners’ deluge and those bloody private pensions that Orbán cashed in they will be allowed from next year to cross the streets when traffic lights are red.
            And if that doesn’t help – the year after that they will be forced to cross when the lights are red!

          • Hungary’s financial problems are being solved regardless.
            The inflation is record low, the balance of trade surplus is record high, the yield on short and long term treasury bonds are record low, the budget deficit is firmly under 3% (and it turned out to be less in 2014 than what was planned!), etc.
            However free public transport for pensioners must be still abolished, especially for unwelcome German libnazi ones like you.

          • wolfi

            And there are hundreds of thousands of people “living” on less than 100 000 HUF a month …
            Of course they can’t spend much – so imports are low …
            Everything of value is exported – including the best brains!

            So Robbin’ Orbán’s motto is proved again:

            Steal from the poor to give to the rich!

            And as someone from Fidesz said some time ago (forgot the creature’s name):

            If you have nothing then you are nothing!
            For us of course low inflation, low wages and ridiculous prices are nice, restaurants are cheap – and those expensive things (specialties and even things like butter or cheese …) we bring from Germany and Austria …
            And we “export” products like honey and eggs for our friends in Germany which in Hungary cost around 50% of what they ask in Germany – at a better quality …

          • It’s really high time you got lost from this country, you German libnazi jerk.

          • Bowen


            Wolfi does nothing except promote the positive aspects of Hungary, while also making criticisms of the current government.

            You, on the other hand (by spewing foul-mouthed, racist, infantile gibberish 24/7 on this site) do nothing but give Hungarians a bad name.

          • You’re a shameless “leftlib” liar. Your disgusting libnazi comrade does nothing else than he keeps moaning about the country, and bad-mouthing it, he has the cheek to live in.

          • wolfi

            Hey, king of spelling and grammar – are you getting nervous?
            “Your disgusting libnazi comrade does nothing else than he keeps moaning about the country he has the cheek to live in.”
            That’s not a real English sentence – try again!
            And I really enjoy living here half of the year – but my wife enjoys the time in Germany (and on holidays all over the world …) even more …
            Probably we’re lucky not to meet here any member of your and your groupies’ ilk …

          • No need to try again, that’s a fine and appropriate English sentence to describe you, unwelcome German alcoholic moron in my country.

          • wolfi

            You don’t get it, psychopath – in so many ways …
            Read your sentence again, slowly – or show it to one of your Canadian groupies!
            Soon I’ll have a glass of very nice dry red wine from Villany on you that we bought when we went to a spa hotel in Harkány to relax – cheers!
            Tonight we only have a light meal:
            Házi kolbász (made by one of our neighbours) and some Emmental cheese, a bit of Irish butter on home made bread (my wife likes to experiment …) with Spanish Capia paprika, that should go nicely with the red wine and some Szent Király water …

          • Bowen

            That’s nice. I imagine Leto will be doing something similar this evening.

            After he’s safely locked his wife in the basement for the evening, he’ll go down to his local supermarket to buy some … sh!t !!! The shops are closed on Sunday!! F****ing Fidesz-KNDP.

          • The shops are closed on Sundays indeed. Fidesz is great!
            For your sake: أكبر Fidesz

          • wolfi

            Actually RTL news just had a long report on this and they showed many open shops – most of these however have a very limited selection and prices which are over the roof.
            Anyway a typical Hungarian customer couldn’t afford a good cheese – he’d have to be happy with some crappy trapista (which is still too expensive …)..
            But of course for the Fidesz mafiosi prices are not a problem.
            Btw my wife insisted on buying not only sour cream and cheese but also lots of Irish butter when we were in Germany (I have a mobile freezer in our car, very convenient …) so our neighbours will get nice presents for Easter:
            Ritter Sport chocolate and Irish butter …
            Of course we always get something nice in return like some home made pálinka or szilva lékvar (yummy!) …

          • It’s not “Szent Király water”, it’s “Szentkirályi”. But that’s my favourite mineral water, too. As far as wine is concerned, that has to be red for me, too, but I usually buy Soproni Kékfrankos, Egri Bikavér or maybe Cabernet sauvignon of some kind. From Villány, Bock wines are to be bought (though some of them are way too overpriced). Grana Padano, or perhaps some similar hard cheese, goes much, much better with red wine than Emmental because that’s too soft and fatty. During the season only, white grapes must accompany red wine and hard cheese. (I hate tasteless greenhouse Spanish grapes.)

            Get lost from Hungary, unwelcome German alcoholic moron!

          • Albion

            none of the wines you mention hold a candle to the new world wines from south america or the are drinking vinegar in comparison.

          • In fact the red wine you may buy for £10 a bottle in a UK supermarket is only as good as the red wine sold for 400-600 HUF (£1-1.5) in a supermarket in Hungary.

          • Albion

            absolute bollocks from you as usual !!! go on then. name a label. The range of new world wines available in Hungary is very poor compared to elsewhere so I doubt you can.

          • “The range of new world wines available in Hungary is very poor compared to elsewhere”

            I meant £1-1.5 Hungarian red wine vs. £10 new world red wine in the UK.

          • wolfi
          • One of them must be your Nazi father who served the mad Austrian painter in WWII.

          • Albion

            Sounds delicious but you gave to remember Leto is somewhat unsophisticated when it comes to food. He comes to London and judges the quality of food on Pizza !!

          • I’ve already explained that pizza is a bog standard food which can be easily compared in both countries. Food specific to either Hungary or to the UK cannot be compared directly.

          • Albion

            absolutel…the diversity and quality in the UK, paticulaly in London far surpases anything available in Hungary. It is one of the many benefits of a multicultural society.Only a deaf dumb and blind person would not see that. stick to your pizza you dullard. hopefully it will choke you.

          • Bog-standard pizza can be directly compared between the two countries, food specific to either country cannot be.

            Enjoy your multicultural society and forget about non-multicultural Hungary.

          • Bowen

            I’d be very surprised if you could find even one example of Wolfi bad-mouthing Hungarians, or the country itself.
            He does, however, criticise corrupt, incompetent politicians, which is another matter entirely.

          • wolfi

            You shouldn’t be too harsh on our resident psychopath – it must be really hard to live like that … A whole batallion of psychologists might have fun with the creature!

            As I’ve often written here the creature serves as a perfect example of what can go wrong in a country that tries in vain to instill democracy in its people …
            Whenever friends in Germany ask me: Is Fidesz really extreme right wing/fascist I tell them to look up the loonies on leto, FUC*, JapHun, dave, HH69 etc …
            You should see the reaction from them!

            On the other hand we have similar problems in other parts of the EU – when things go wrong the “natural” reaction is to look for scapegoats: the foreigners etc …
            It’s always someone else’s fault!

          • wolfi

            Wow! So now it’s “this country” – no longer “my country”?
            Got some problems, little psychopath?
            It’s so nice after some work in the garden to relax here with the cat on my lap and the loonies on the screen …

          • Sorry, disgusting and unwelcome German drunkard moron in my country. Hungary is certainly my country and not yours.

          • Curious George

            It can be anybody’s country for 250000 Euros.

          • wolfi

            Well I’ve probably invested and spent more than that here in Hungary in the last 20 years …
            But I’m very happy with my German/EU citizenship!

          • Bowen

            Here’s a nice story about how Hungary’s financial problems are being solved.


          • Thanks but another one of your rotten libnazi kind has already linked to that propaganda piece on Richard Field’s blog. 🙂

          • Havelaar

            “another one of your rotten libnazi kind”…Referring to me?

            But, be precise. I am a liberal, you are a nazi. Okay?

            But yes…I am also someone to expose your disgusting Fidesz propaganda for being BS. Among countless others. For example:


            “Facebook deletes Fidelitas “provocateur watch” page”

            So happy.

          • Ok, let me be precise then: You’re a Dutch libnazi junkie fag.

          • Havelaar

            Not very precise isn’t it? Because I am not a junkie, I am not a fag, but of course you are
            a nazi.

          • Albion

            what exactly of worth is hungary exporting Leto ? other than its finest young talent. and the west is getting that for free. just think Leto, all those poor young hungarians, living in liberal multicultural hell holes. must be a conspiracy.

          • It was great riddance you got lost from this country, English moron. Now just try forgetting Hungary exists at all and you’ll be fine. So will be Hungary.

          • Hungarian

            Who don’t you hate?

          • Albion

            Hopefully Leto you will not reach a pensionable age and therefore you will not be affected.

          • Varga

            Tell us why should they? So now you wish ill for Hungarian pensioners too?

          • Because it’s a wasteful and unjustified thing.

          • Varga

            just as wasteful and unjustified as stealing the pension funds huh? Now take away the little perks too.

          • Curious George

            I agree that public transportation is very convenient in Budapest. I usually use that or my bike to get around. I’m just wondering if taxi prices are set high because they want to reduce pollution and traffic, or because they want to help drivers earn more. With the rates I mentioned (35c/km), Uber in Narnia is charging about the same as taxis.

      • Géza

        Varga I agree on this one too. A special moment, I almost get emotional…

    • Havelaar

      Now disgusting creep….make yourself useful. You are paid for this by Putin. Make some comments on this issue. Traitor of the western, EU values, and the Hungarian people.

      “Russia threatens Denmark with nuclear weapons if it tries to join Nato
      defence shield”

      • That’s off-topic here, Dutch junkie fag.

        • Havelaar

          I am not a junkie, I am not a fag, but of course you are
          a nazi.

          But face it…you are a traitor.

          • Let’s face it, you’re a repelling and stupid Dutch junkie fag.

          • Havelaar

            Yep…like I said…”I am not a junkie, I am not a fag, but of course you are a nazi” ..but why are you betraying the Hungarian people for some
            pocket money?

          • Stop backtracking, you have already admitted you’re a “liberal” fag. Come on, you’re really supposed to be proud of it!

          • Havelaar

            “Stop backtracking”

            Yep…like I said…”I am not a junkie, I am not a fag, but of course you are a nazi”

            why are you betraying the Hungarian people for some
            pocket money?

          • You’re obviously a fag and that’s considered something to be proud of among your libnazi ilk, so please don’t backtrack on your admission.

          • wolfi

            leto the psychopath won’t comment on this just as he doesn’t comment on the not-opening of the Hungarian Stasi archives – I still wonder why …

          • Albion

            or the revelation of how corrupt NAV have been. lets not forget the noise he made when the US said as much and were accused of lying.

          • Varga

            He likely won’t comment because he himself was likely an informer as well. He would stab his mother in the heart to follow his communistic dreams.

          • wolfi

            Yes, the silence is deafening, but of course the creature and its groupies are very active on the running threads concerning something related to Jews …
            Ain’t that interesting?
            Actually I’d be very surprised if it were different …

  • ViktorZorroban

    It’s a proven fact that Uber’s CEO is nobody else than Satan. If you ride an Uber car, you have 666% more chance to die and you’ll end up in Hell immediately. It speaks for itself that all good Hungarian Catholics should refrain from using this car service managed by the Devil himself!

    • ModestMouse

      If you ride a taxi in Budapest you have 1000% chances to be ripped-off, overcharged, give wrong change, threatened and insulted by a legal taxi driver. I hope Uber can proper and run put of business the legal taxi industry that is based on fraud!

  • Zeb

    Uber is the sweatshop of taxi driving – the model is not appropriate in this part of the world with rock bottom wages.

  • Albion

    The number of times I was ripped off by budapest taxi drivers as were thousands of tourists each year until some regulation was introduced I really do find it hard to find any sympathy. That said, I do think what Uber is doing is wrong.

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