April 10th, 2015

Jobbik lawmaker under investigation for Holocaust denial

The Public Prosecutor’s investigative office has ordered an investigation into Holocaust denial allegedly committed by radical national Jobbik lawmaker Gergely Kulcsár, public news channel M1 reported. A private individual reported that Kulcsár allegedly described the Holocaust in a letter to a fellow party group member in 2012 as a fraud. The letter has since been made public, M1 said.Andrea Nagy, spokeswoman of the Central Investigation Office of the Prosecution, told the programme that the investigation will assess whether the lawmaker denied or questioned the fact that crimes against humanity had been committed by the Nazis. Head of Parliament’s immunity committee, Imre Vejkey of the co-governing KDNP, said that Parliament could decide by a two-thirds majority to suspend the lawmakers’ immunity if the committee so recommends.

M1 said a report had also been submitted against Kulcsár for desecrating a Holocaust memorial in 2011. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, criminal proceedings could have been started for defamation but the case lapsed last summer. The Hungarian Parliament passed legislation in 2010 under which denial of the Holocaust and of crimes by the Nazi regime in public is punishable by up to three years of imprisonment.

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  • ” desecrating a Holocaust memorial”

    Oh, was that memorial sacred before? 😀

    • Hungarian


      • Libnazi.

        • Hungarian

          Come on can’t you be a little bit more original – or is it your weak and lazy mind getting in the way again.

          • wolfi

            That’s leto’s modus operandi:
            As soon as the creature is found out to be a liar it turns to insults – like a broken record record record record …
            So it’s easy to catch it!
            I wonder if it will break soon and maybe leave the building (at least for some time …) like most of its groupies – even crazy JapHun couldn’t keep it up.

  • ” The Hungarian Parliament passed legislation in 2010 under which denial
    of the Holocaust and of crimes by the Nazi regime in public is
    punishable by up to three years of imprisonment.”

    Vow, isn’t that sweet from a “neonazi dictatorship”? 😉 (That’s how the libnazi often call Hungary under Mr. Orbán’s premiership)

    • Hungarian

      Liar. Nobody called it a neonazi dictatorship, just a a dictatorship. Which not true, since it more of an autocratic kleptocracy.

      And nobody calls Hungary that, they call the current government that.

      So stop lying.

      • Liar. (Er, I mean you’re a libnazi liar.) It happens from time to time on this site, too, that someone from your rotten kind does exactly that.

        • Hungarian

          “from time to time ” versus “often”

          You are complete asshole for mocking the holocaust memorial. What kind of “person” mocks the dead and especially those that include murdered children? Leto does!

          • I’m fed up with this round-the-clock Holocaust business. They should close at least for Sabbath.

    • Vidra

      But Kulcsár didn’t deny the Holocaust in public, he did in private. Isn’t prosecuting somebody for private correspondence the kind of thing that a “neonazi dictatorship” would do?

      Of course, now that Jobbik are catching up with Fidesz then it makes sense to use “any means possible” to stop them too, right?

      • If that’s the idea to stop them then it’s a very, very stupid one.

        • Vidra

          It’s in keeping with the “spying for Russia” accusations.

          • DoubleH63

            Very happy to see that there is a brand new Jobbik fan on this site. What happened Vidra, you don’t like Munkáspárt anymore?
            I guess all that ‘conservative’ blood cells of yours finally kicked in gear.

          • Vidra

            Not a bit of it. I don’t like dirty politics and Fidesz doesn’t seem to know any other kind.

  • Hungarian

    When will this holocaust business end?
    Nice way to try to control public opinion and money:)

    • Havelaar

      Until the
      moment you fascists are wiped out from the earth.

      • Hungarian

        You first libnazi drug addict fag!

  • DoubleH63

    I got curious (like George about others’ military service and rivers) to see who is right about this “neonazi dictatorship” argument between Leto and the fake blonde fatty.
    So I consulted all my scrapbooks (Jews, Nazis, Fags, Anti-Hungarians, Letos, Vargas, olgas, Pauls, wine-stealers, … just to name a few).

    Well, Leto you are losing this argument – no poster on this site ever said exactly that – except you.

    About 3 months ago you did – sarcastically.

    4 months ago the fake blonde fat girl asked you – quoting McCain the senile fuck [seems like that Vietnam captivity didn’t help his brain cells] erroneously, if you agreed that Orbán was a Neo-Nazi. [Looks like mangalica girl needs to update her scrapbook about old farts.]

    Then there was Night Warrior 5 months ago who called Hungary a neonazi country a couple of times [on one occasion up voted by Tihany, wolfi, Pibroch, Paul, Winston and 5 guests (gathering of foreign fags; and the poster, looking at his nick and avatar is most likely a video game playing teen jerking off to wolfi’s favourite fag site in the basement.)
    On the other occasion Citizen [foreign?] agreed with him.

    As for ‘libnazis’: Bajnai in Berlin front of his kind of Germans a couple of years ago denied Hungary being a neo-nazi country.

    Another foreigner – bocskoros oláh cigány – named ‘get real’ 3 years ago called the Hungarian government neo-nazi a few times.

    Isn’t it great to have all these scrapbooks?

    • Yes, it seems sometimes those scrapbooks come in handy. 😀 Still, I’m not going to do the example of the German libnazi drunkard and I’m not going to keep one.

  • You can not have freedom of thought. The numbers can not be questioned. The evidence, you will get what we give you. Thinking outside the box, we’ll lock you in a box. Hard to believe it’s 2015.

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