April 13th, 2015

Jobbik wins “protest vote” in by-election according to pro-gov’t analyst

The far-right Jobbik party scored a narrow lead over its Fidesz-Christian Democrat opponent in the Tapolca by-election, in Western Hungary, according to the preliminary result. Lajos Rig scored 35.27% of the votes ahead of Zoltán Fenyvesi with 34.38%. Ferenc Pad, the joint candidate of the Socialists, the Democratic Coalition and the Hungarian Solidarity Movement had the support of 26.27% and Barbara Sallee of the green LMP party 2.05%.

Tamás Lánczi, chief analyst of the Századvég Foundation, said the preliminary result could be considered as final even if there is a mathematical possibility that Fidesz and Jobbik could switch places. He told public television M1 that it would be surprising were the result to change before the final announcement. No conclusions from the by-election outcome, however, can be drawn concerning national trends, he said, adding that Jobbik had done a good job of mobilising its supporters in a region where traditionally Jobbik has fared well. The left wing “lagged behind dismally”, he said, noting that whereas the difference between Jobbik and Fidesz was a few hundred votes, the gap between Fidesz and the left was several thousand. Sámuel Ágoston Mráz, head of the Nézőpont Institute, said the outcome pointed to a “protest vote”.

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  • Vidra

    If Jobbik’s victory was a protest vote, who will Orbán throw under the bus to appease them?

    • 26.27% vs. 35.27% & 34.38%

      Your rotten libnazi ilk has been thrown the bus here, you “conservative”. 😀

      • MagyarViking

        Obviously you feel good to be friend with “Jobbik”…why are we surprised?

        • I obviously feel good that your rotten libnazi ilk came in third only. 🙂

          • Vidra

            Well, to rework an old joke, Fidesz came third from last. Where’s Orbán’s pride and honour now? I won’t ask you where yours is, as prostitution isn’t a career full of job satisfaction.

          • “prostitution isn’t a career full of job satisfaction”

            I’m sure you know that well.

          • Vidra

            Maybe that’s why I don’t wave a flag for anybody. I leave that to you and your ilk.

          • Oh, please tell me again you’re a “conservative”… It’s so damn funny. 😀

          • Vidra

            Not your kind of conservative, that’s for sure, but your perception of political labels seems more 1935 than 2015.

          • Yeah, you’re a “faggot marriage” friendly, multiculturalism and mass immigration supporting conservative who demands drug legalization, fights nationalism, racism (that is the so-called “anti-Semitism”, of course) and Catholic clericalism around the clock.
            Just tell me if I forgot something important about your “conservatism”, you libnazi scum. 😀

          • Vidra

            The only one of those that’s true is my opposition to nationalism, but then you’re a great supporter of Zionism, and Romanian and Slovak nationalism, aren’t you? All the rest is pure primitive bigotry. And, unlike you, I have the intelligence to realise you’re a contemptible little wanker because of how you were brought up, not because you support Fidesz.

          • If this is “pure primitive bigotry” then I’m certainly proud to be purely and primitively bigoted, you “conservative”. 😀

            So do you reject the so-called “gay marriage”? 😉
            Do you oppose the ideology of multiculturalism and its implementation method, that is mass immigration? 😉 (No, that’s not the same as stopping migration altogether)
            Do you reject legalizing drugs (marijuana, etc.)? 😉
            Don’t you consider anti-racism a political weapon to club political opponents? 😉

          • Vidra

            Gay “marriage” – couldn’t give a fuck. Muliculturalism – just bread and circuses to make sure the minorities don’t start rioting. Mass immigration – of course stop it, stupid. Drug legalisation – couldn’t give a fuck. As for “anti-racism a political weapon”, anything can be used as a weapon if you have the skills and the motivation. Any intelligent questions?

          • “couldn’t give a fuck” is your way of evading the question, of course.

          • Vidra

            You might think that but maybe it’s because your junkyard dog mentality means that you start growling at anything that’s new, that you don’t understand or that’s proposed or supported by people or organisations you don’t like.

          • You “conservative”… 😀 You’re in fact libnazi scum like the rest of the pack (MagyarViking, “Hungarian”, wolfi, Varga, Havelaar, etc.)

          • Curious George

            Hey, just because Olga’s your “groupie” doesn’t mean you can leave her out of the pack. 🙂

          • Vidra

            Maybe Olga is Leto in drag. No, Olga always writes (and rants) in grammatical English.

          • I certainly can because I distinguish between “liberal” and “libnazi”.

          • wolfi

            The interesting thing here is that “honour” is part of the Nazi-German SS motto “Meine Ehre heißt Treue”:
            And you can go to jail if you use that in Germany or Austria – but in Hungary?

          • And let’s note also that “Treue” means “loyalty”. In Latin, that’s “fides” (as in “Semper fidelis”). Got it now, unwelcome German libnazi drunkard in my country? 😉

            Moreover once Orbán used the word “kitartás!” (Don’t give up! Persistence!) in a radio interview. Watchful libnazi scum, like you, have cried wolf(i) immediately that “Kitartás!) was an Arrow Cross greeting and therefore Orbán proved to be Arrow Cross. 🙂

      • Hungarian

        Poor little Leto trying to cover the fact that the big loser here was Fidesz. Compared to the previous standings:

        Jobbik … 35.3% … up 11.8 points
        Fidesz … 34.4% … down 8.8 points
        MSZP … 26.3% … down 1.1 points

        MSZP did not do well, but they more less held steady. Fidesz plummeted.

        In one important by-election the left won against Fidesz and in another Jobbik won against Fidesz. See the pattern?

        • wolfi

          I believe one should compare the number of votes – I don’t have them all right now but the (preliminary?) numbers for Jobbik are here:
          “This time only 41.6% of the eligible voters cast their votes, as opposed
          to 59.9% a year ago. A large number of Fidesz and MSZP voters
          stayed away, while Jobbik, which got 10,110 votes or 23.49% in 2014, got
          10, 354 votes or 35.27% this time around.”
          So Jobbik got about as many votes as in 2014 – it seems that many MSZP and Fidesz voters stayed at home …
          Maybe the left thought they had no chance anyway?
          And Fidesz people were just happy that Orbán promised them a new factory, a new hospital and a new castle too!
          Or maybe they didn’t believe in all those promises?
          The reaction of the right wing loonies here is as fantastic as ever – leto of course has mentioned “the bearded Austrian woman” again – must be a kind of obsession …

          • Varga

            It has become his latest fantasy.

          • Vidra

            Actually, he’s been banging on about that ever since Eurovision 2014, as his symbol of everything that’s wrong with European liberalism. And once Leto becomes fixated…

          • Yup, that abomination is a pretty good symbol of the rotten, evil nature of the so-called “European liberalism”… which must be destroyed or it will destroy Europe.

          • Vidra

            Too right. Let’s go back to the great days of Intersong, the Socialist alternative to Eurovision held in Sopot, Poland. No bearded drag queens or heavy metal back in the days when you were mincing around to Abba, what?

          • olga

            Looks like you managed to stop laughing about the JOBBIK win – may I remind you that once again you refused to take responsibility for your vitriolic comment?

            “I wrote: “I think it is only right that every neo-Nazi , “closet Nazi” or someone who despises the country and its people ought to say “ha ha ha.” which you tried to pass of as “humour” – funny as hell if you belong to one of these groups so which one do you belong to?

            Apparently you are only capable of responding to me with “scrapbook quotes” or now you added the “Leto Rosary” and pray that as long as you repeat words like “loonie” “groupie” creature” crazy” etc and then start all over again a few dozen times , the Patron Saint of Pure Germans will protect you from ever having to be accountable for your comments. IMHO she read your misogynist comments and let you down

            Amazing how no one ever questions “where you stand” but perhaps you are not expected to “stand” given that snakes slither.

  • BudapestCalling

    The difference between Jobbik and Fidesz is only semantics, whereas the gap between Fidesz understanding democracy, the EU and the left is several thousand levels.

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