May 29th, 2015

Orbán son-in-law said selling business because of “attacks” by gov’t critics

István Tiborcz, the son-in-law of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, is selling his shares in public procurement-related companies because of “attacks on his family and himself,” writes, according to a print report in pro-government business daily Napi Gazdaság.

Although Napi Gazdaság does not name any of the companies in question, Tiborcz is most probably divesting himself from Green Investments & Solutions Ltd., which owns 50% of Elios Innovatív Inc. Elios won HUF 570 million worth of tenders this April for developing public lighting facilities and won another HUF 500 million for tenders in May.

In March, a police investigation was launched concerning four public procurement deals won by the firm.

Meanwhile, Tiborcz has reportedly sold his shares in a port at Lake Balaton that had allegedly been the recipient of a legislative giveaway, and recently became a board member of the G2G pálinka distillery.

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  • Bowen

    When will the media stop attacking hard-working, honest people like István Tiborcz and Sepp Blatter?

    • National Hiphop

      At the very moment they get to where they belong: behind bars.

  • National Hiphop

    He’s a hard-thieving greedy fucker indeed. Just like his (god)father-in-law…

  • Pibroch

    You make palinka in a distillery, not a brewery.

    • Varga

      Who cares, it is probably just a place to launder a little money anyway.

      • National Hiphop

        So in fact it is a pálinka laundry 🙂

  • Varga

    I bet he is just doing this for “show”, he will liquidate a few, possibly keep a little deal going with to whom he sells to for kickbacks from tenders and he still pockets a crap load of money. Probably “invest” in something else, put it in a family members name and try to make things look good. Try to lay low until after 2018 elections.

  • seinean

    “pálinka brewery”

    Yup. Pálinka is brewed by brewmasters. An can be considered food. Everyone knows that.

  • BudapestCalling

    If Tiborcz thinks suddenly divesting himself from Elios; a company ‘winning’ HUF 570 million EU tenders in one month, will save him, he’s wrong. Another red flag for the EU authorities. His arrest becomes evermore imminent.

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