June 10th, 2015

Opposition growing to gov’t’s anti-immigration billboard campaign

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The government’s anti-immigration billboard campaign made big waves instantly after its launching, as two political organizations announced that they will not tolerate its allegedly xenophobic message, while several private persons damaged the billboards in acts of civil disobedience, nol.hu reports. Meanwhile, the satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party is preparing to start their own billboard campaign with messages lampooning the government’s.

The government’s billboards – with captions like “If you come to Hungary you mustn’t take away the work of Hungarians!,” and costing HUF 300 million – began to appear on Friday, and several were torn down or painted over by Saturday. A “30-to-40-year old middle-class man from Budapest” who painted over the billboard near the Dagály swimming pool was interviewed anonymously by the Kettős Mérce blog. The blog also reported that a young man and a woman tore down a billboard at the Ferdinánd Bridge near the Nyugati Railway Station and subsequently reported their act to the local police.

Two political organizations officially announced that they will support defacing or removal of the billboards. The Európai Baloldal (European Left) offered a bounty of HUF 2,000 to anyone who could verify with a photograph that he or she made a billboard illegible, while the Együtt party stated that their activists will tear off the “outrageous and cynical” government advertisements. Six activists of Együtt were arrested on Saturday night after they tore off a billboard at the City Park, which also revealed that the police was ordered to keep an eye on the advertisements.

On Monday the satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) announced that they are going to launch their own information campaign together with the Vastagbőr (Thick Skin) blog in order to let their own views known by the public on the refugee issue. As they write “we find it very disturbing that in Hungary, where the almost total lack of social solidarity is a way bigger problem than immigration, the government spends our own money to make us hate each other more.” The MKKP and Vastagbőr are planning to buy fifty billboards for one month for the price of three million forints – possibly including one like the rendering above – and have started a fundraising campaign to be able to do so.

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  • MagyarViking

    “we find it very disturbing that in Hungary, where the almost total lack of social solidarity is a way bigger problem than immigration, the government spends our own money to make us hate each other more”

    Hear!, Hear!

    • Varga

      I very much agree with this statement, the resentment and jealousy, everyone comparing notes. Makes for a very bitter society and the government tries to make it worse.

      • NoErica

        When you say ‘us’, do you mean you and the U.S., you sure don’t consider to be Hungarian, so why are you pretending?

        The U.S. foreign politics pay your broke Ass.

        • National Hiphop

          R U really so dumb, Erica?

          • NoErica

            As to what?

            Listen low life Yankee.

            I asked questions.

            If you can’t answer them, then what is your message.

            Are you not on the payroll, because you couldn’t find and was not suiteable for anything worthwhile???

          • National Hiphop

            You ARE totally stupid. I’ve told you before “I ain’t no Yankee” and do not wish to repeat myself. Grow yourself a brain, little darling.

          • NoErica

            So where are you from?

            The U.S.A.???

            Bankrupt as it is, and as you are.

          • National Hiphop


        • Varga

          You wouldn’t understand Ruszki

          • NoErica

            Why are you signing in with a Hungarian last name unemployed Yankee?

            You sure do not consider yourself to be Hungarian.

            What would I not understand?

            Enlighten me ‘enlightened’.

            Was your ass that broke in the U.S.A., that you couldn’t find anything better that would pay you?

          • Varga

            Come back once you learn to read proper English.

          • NoErica

            Your Point???

            Clearly you take pride in the English language and NOT in being Hungarian.

            My point proven. All you lowlives have is your language and even that with difficulty.

            So point out what you meant.

            Go home LOWLIFE!

          • Varga

            My point is when you learn to read peoples comments and not make up bullshit out of the post, then respond. Otherwise just simply shut up, because you make no sense. You prove nothing other than you are a troll. BTW, I didn’t see you write any Hungarian, so saying that I value English more than Hungarian is just another example of you not making any sense. Maybe try Hungarian if you don’t know how to read and speak English, or is Russian your language of preference? Who values what lowlife?

          • NoErica

            Listen, Yankee.

            Even if you were born in Hungary, ARE YOU PROUD TO BE HUNGARIAN?
            Do you stand for the INTERESTS of HUNGARY?

            if not, then YOU are NOT Hungarian, because you have decided yourself as such.

            ….IS YOUR PAYCHECK from the U.S.A.?

          • NoErica

            ‘proper English’

            ….and again will you pretend to be Hungarian???

            While in secret and in not so secret you are for what the USA has taught you to be.

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            …and that is not Hungarian.

          • Varga

            I am not the one constantly bringing up the USA, but of course you do, because that is what you get paid for Ruszki troll.

  • ViktorZorroban

    What’s wrong with these billboards?

    • gavroche

      i don’t frequent hungarian politics often so i might be wrong. however as i remember these ominous posters seem to use hungarian. IMHO, the unwanted persons obviously must understand hungarian because the unwanted guests are not hungarian, or it is adressed to the hungarian public, for god knows what reason??????? please, explain it.

      • NoErica

        Please explain why an American can’t speak another language aside from English, and even that with difficulty.

        • gavroche


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