October 12th, 2015

Francis Fukuyama speaks at conference of Central European University

The model of a liberal democracy has suffered a crisis in many states over the past years; one way to remedy this situation could be through cooperation by the United States and Europe and refuelling economic growth, acclaimed US political scientist Francis Fukuyama said in Budapest.Fukuyama spoke at a conference entitled “Democracy and its Discontents” that focused on the United States and Europe at the Central European University (CEU). Fukuyama said that although democracy has undergone a crisis giving way to authoritarian governments in many countries, the public’s desire for democracy has remained unbroken, and, ultimately, people’s expectations towards such a system has even strengthened.

Commenting on Hungary, Fukuyama said he was “shocked” to hear Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talk about an “illiberal democracy” last year which he said contravened fundamental European norms. Fukuyama said the most recent example of Hungary drifting away from a European consensus is the government’s migration policies.

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  • That’s good if Fukuyama is “shocked”. 😀

    • MagyarViking

      “Despite the strong censorship in Germany about the huge problems the Middle Eastern and African migrant trash causes (e.g.http://www.welt.de/regionales/… ),”

      Which is of course a lie, then the article does not discuss that, but demands for a more “Swedish” approach to CrimeStats, where “alleged incidents” are reported and not as in Germany where they do ‘One Criminal = One Case’.
      The big difference is when it comes to sexual violence, then in Germany it is counted one time, but in Sweden it is counted one time for each individual incident. Example – a gang-rape for 3 days with 5 criminals will in Germany be counted as 5 rape-crimes, while in Sweden the number of rapes would be counted, which in 3 days maybe would b e 30 crimes, hence Sweden would report a 6 times higher rape-frequency.

      Another example is Internet-criems – In Germany it is one crime, when one criminal is caught. In Sweden it is one crime for each alleged victim of this crime, meaning it can be thousands.

      In Germany this CrimeStats method is regarded as “Government-friendly”, what is the description in Hungary, which has an even more restricted CrimeStats reporting?

      • FUCeausescu

        Yes, Mr. Viking, how could this possibly be a problem? After all, only white people can possibly be guilty of misdeeds.

        But what about this?

        “Women say that they and also children, have been raped or are exposed to sexual attacks,”


        And this comes from a neo-liberal news source, which tends to water it down even on the rare occasion that it reports on it at all.

        You can insist all you want that one can take a large number of average people from the medieval Muslim world and they will integrate in society and be just as law-abiding as the host populations, but we both know it is bulshit. These guys were raised in a culture that mistreats women. Those teachings are not left at the border of the EU, as they make their way in. If the number of arrivals were to be relatively small and they would be spread out in order to find themselves surrounded by the host culture, rather than their own, perhaps in time, but not within the context of what is happening right now.

        Take the example of female genital mutilation cases in England.



        So what is the problem, how these cases are counted?

        • MagyarViking

          “So what is the problem, how these cases are counted?”

          To my knowledge female genital mutilation (FGM) is illegal in all/most of the EU, but you may know better?
          From the Guardian-link:
          “FGM has been illegal in the UK since 1985, with the law being strengthened in 2003 to prevent children travelling from the UK to undergo FGM abroad, but there has yet to be a successful prosecution”

          I assume there is stats on this, fully recorded according to the National rules that apply for that EU member state, so?

          That there is no racial ingredients in the official crime-stats does not mean Whites-Only are criminals, that must be one of your more clever arguments…

          • FUCeausescu

            Yes it is, then why is it happening? Shouldn’t these “model citizens” uphold the law?


            An estimated 137,000 girls and women we are talking about here, so not just isolated incidents.

            So how are we on the whole integration thing? Are these people ready to uphold western laws, which as you correctly pointed out forbid such practices?

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