January 29th, 2016

Socialists: Fidesz using Communist era style show trials to increase popularity

The Socialist Party on Thursday said the Fidesz party is organising “show trials” reminiscent of methods used in Hungary’s “darkest dictatorship” to increase its popularity. Gergely Bárándy, the Socialist deputy head of Parliament’s legislative committee,told a press conference that the embezzlement trial of Miklós Hagyó, in which the former Socialist deputy mayor of Budapest was given two-year prison sentence, suspended for four years, revealed that charges against Hagyó “were based on lies” and that he never received bribes. Hagyó was accused of running a criminal gang and causing huge damages to municipal public transport company BKV in the years before August 2008. He was acquitted of the main corruption charges but the court ruled that he had instigated embezzlement.

Bárándy said people who had participated in the “show trial” against Hagyó “were rewarded” by Fidesz, noting that the prosecutor in charge of the case became a consultant to Budapest Mayor István Tarlós. Bárándy said it was “no accident” that most accusations against former Socialist government officials were made during election campaigns adding, at the same time, that the defendants usually ended up being acquitted. He noted that former 11th district mayor Gyula Molnár, György Szilvássy, former minister in charge of the secret services and Béla Schwartz, the former mayor of Ajka, were all accused of corruption, but were lateracquitted of charges.

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  • Pali

    The Socialist parties are poor, poor losers. This dig at the FIDESZ party is a pack of lies, and they know it. Everything they say and critisize the governing party over, they are and were guilty of when they were in power. They are a mess and do not deserve to be in Parlament. Look at their faces and the way they ACT, and you can see they are clowns and a disgrace to their own country.

    • wolfi
      • Bowen

        That guy with the ridiculous designer clothes isn’t a politician. Or, not an elected one, anyway. He’s amassed huge private wealth being a shadowy “consultant” to Orban, (When he’s not on cocaine-fuelled trips to seedy night-clubs in Ibiza, or on luxury holidays to Dubai.)

        • National Hiphop

          Yes, we know Mr. Habony all too well. Would love to see him in a proper trial as defendant some time.

  • The trial of Miklós Hagyó, or the acquittal of all the accused in the red sludge trial, etc. show where the Hungarian judiciary stands. It’s no coincidence the EU intervened when Fidesz wanted to retire judges over 60 something.

    • National Hiphop

      It’s a tough choice for the judges indeed: “libnazi” or proper Nazi. Your ageism sucks, anyway.

    • Vidra

      No, the more experienced judges stand on the side of the rule of law and the evidence presented.

    • MagyarViking

      So why cannot Fidesz get some better Prosecutors?
      I mean, the always keep bringing in Peter Polt as State Prosecutor, who seems totally useless in bringing in any convictions and the joke Pinter as Interior Minister, responsible for the Police, who are partly responsible for digging up dirt on the Opposition – they are all obvious losers…

      The case against Hagyo collapsed a few years ago when the Prosecutor’s star witness admitted he had made up a lot of accusations due to the Police had pressed him to make those false statements – Fidesz cannot even control their own star witnesses, who was on TV telling ‘it all’ during the election campaign, that Fidesz won.

      We will await the trials, where several Fidesz politicians and operators inside the Police and Prosecution will be charged for inventing charges.

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