February 18th, 2016

Quotable: Vladimir Putin on Viktor Orban and Europe

“We sympathize with the stance of the Hungarian leadership, the prime minister of Hungary to defend the European identity, the identity of their country, their people.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The two held talks in Moscow on Wednesday. [AP]
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  • Kiss of Death comes to mind… but we hope cadmean victory will be the appropriate…

    • ” Kiss of Death comes to mind…”

      Exactly… when thinking of what you libnazi scum stand for!

      • OMG – there you are with your homo-erotic dreams about me again…bad, bad boy:
        “Now I get homo-erotic dreams as I sleep. This is one of the things that set me off when I was younger. Since I can’t control dreams and they are very powerful because your body is relaxed and free to feel anything it tends to convince me there’s something different about my sexuality.

        Does anyone know how to deal with these? Should I just continually let the dreams and associated feelings pass until I have fully “rebooted”? I just don’t know what to expect in the long-term as I want to think, feel and react, 100% straight?”

  • Havelaar

    The prime minister of Hungary to defend the European identity??????

    The corrupt, illiberal, authoritarian,creep is NOT representing the European identity, not even close.

    BTW…World press Photo:

  • DeLeto

    How can Orban defend the European identity, when he doesn’t know what it is?
    Can anybody define a European identity?

    • European identity:
      * People claiming to be ‘White Folks’ not liking people that they think are not ‘White Folks’?

      • DeLeto

        Then we have a new identity problem, who are white enough to be “White folks”?
        Is there a colour scale or any other way to measure whiteness?

        • wolfi

          Well, if you follow the Nazis (like leto and olga seem to do …), it’s quite clear:
          Hitler often doubted whether Czechs were Aryan or not, he said in his table talk “It is enough for a Czech to grow a moustache for anyone to see, from the way the thing droops, that his origin is Mongoloian.”
          The term remained in constant flux and nations such as Finns or Hungarians were often excluded by Nazis as Aryans.

          • olga

            Frankly I could not care less about being included or excluded as an Aryan by Nazis or by DNA evidence but IMHO, when you posted the following fascinating info about yourself , you may have a hard time convincing others that you are not proud of what the Nazis defined as Aryan

            ” I’m a real blond pure German – over 6 feet tall …One of my ancestors evenwas in the “company of tall men” in Prussia …”

            Mea Culpa for hijacking a thread all by myself and for being the first person and only person who did not directly comment about what Putin had to say. Such a relief that everyone else stayed on track

          • wolfi

            To quote leto again:
            No, humour is not for subhuman nazi scum like you.
            You should remember that before I wrote that joke I had been addressed by your friends here as a kike, a Mischling, a Stasi and so on …
            You had no problem there just as you don’t mind when leto calls out “bitches” – so I think it’s only fair if I reflect the creature’s words onto you:
            I suggest you should end your misery with a rusty knife.

          • olga

            I really don’t respond to you because I wanted to “communicate with you” – My agenda was to show other people your vile hypocrisy (like Trumps supporters will not change, the posters here will stand behind you, so no worries)

            You can send me 1000 of your Leto collections and change it around that only you comprehend, but you still won’t explain your own posting – copy and paste one single comment of mine that sounded racist to you – you can’t and that in infuriates you.

            You cannot justify your own remarks including your total disrespect for your own wife ,yet you want me to justify Leto’s remarks.

          • wolfi

            Have fun and continue your pleasant conversations with leto – on the creature’s site, please!

          • olga

            I must conclude that you could not find any “offensive comments” I ever posted and that you were not willing to explain your ” proud Aryan roots”

            David Duke and you have something in common – how nice

          • I see I’m being the focal point in this thread, too…

            Am I supposed to be flattered? 😮

        • Yes, ‘whiteness’ is a funny thing during history.
          The Old Greeks, who did not see themselves as ‘White Folks’, looked down on the ‘White Folks’ in the Carpathian Basin (or at least north of Greece) and regarded them untrustworthy and worse.

          Since then, ‘White Folks’ have taken their revenge, often a bloody one, by killing and enslaving as many non-‘White Folks’ as possible. In this work, the definition on who to kill or enslave (or both, but just in the correct order) has been rather fluent.

          When I was young in Sweden the biggest problems were ‘Svartskallar’ – that is Swedish for ‘Blackheads’ – meaning foreigners from Europe, like Hungarians, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, you name all of those people I was working with when I later started in the Swedish Industry.

          For my parent-generation, it was the Jews, now it is the Arabs or Muslims, but for some reason the fear is concentrated towards Arabs, regardless they are Muslims or not and who really is afraid of a Muslim Indonesian?

          So in-line with that we have been more integrated/internationalised in Europe the last decades, our definition of ‘White Folks’ now include people I did not regard as ‘White Folks’ when I was a child. It is still though those guys (never girls though) on the other side of that (mental) fence.

      • olga

        Sorry I can’t stay on the topic of Russia but both you and DeLeto introduced the subject of “white folks” – so does Asra Nomani qualify as “white” ?

        Sounds like a Nazi bitch to me – your thoughts? (Takes one to know one so I recognize a kindred spirit)

        Pay attention to “witness to truth” comment)


        • Havelaar

          Hey, Olga, being a self proclaimed defender of human rights….gay rights for example…shouldn’t you scroll down a bit a START defending those rights.

          Leto: “gay rights” (that is trying to have people accept this sexual perversion as if it was something normal)”

          • wolfi

            olga can’t read/hear you – she’s a vak komondor …
            Only reacts at leto’s smell …

          • olga

            Paul, my agenda on politics.hu is not to be a defender of human rights , my agenda is to expose hypocrisy, double standards and misinformation – like the Vak Commodor story which is the perfect example of misleading and dishonesty

            It is a cold, Friday morning and I need to do a lot of boring things that I am trying to delay, so I am taking the time to spell it our for you – you know exactly where I stand of gay rights and gay marriage because I once explained it, my opinion is the same but my focus changed.

            I won’t be answering your nonsense in the future, but for some reason I learned to like you I wanted to correct you misconception – That ship when I did want to defend human rights has sailed many moons ago and not coming back

            Have a nice weekend

          • Havelaar

            “That ship when I did want to defend human rights has sailed many moons ago and not coming back”

            Sad…but honest. Have a nice day!

        • wolfi

          especially for you:
          One of the many pictures you’ll find when you google “vak komondor mém”

          • olga

            I googled the actual case along time ago in the Hungarian media – dog dead, accused pled guilty of domestic violence, sentencing in March and sadly the victim reconciled with her drunken scum partner.

            Any mmore relevant to Putin stories you wish to discuss?

          • wolfi

            Why don’t you nazi bitch ask your friend leto that question?

            leto’s quotes for today:

            It’s never been, or never will be, glorious to be a Hungarian.

            You degenerate nazi bitches must be gotten ridden of.

        • Havelaar

          And here we are…the politics.hu award of 2015 for the biggest hypocrite goes too OLgaaaa.

        • DeLeto

          Sorry, but it is not CarpathianViking and me who have been talking a lot about whites and non-whites or Europeans and non-Europeans on this site.
          I guess CarpathianViking is referring to the view of some of the other regulars on this site, for whom your race or where in the world you originate from is very important.
          You have never seen CarpathianViking write a racist comment, you will often see me write one, when I copy/paste some of Letos comments and replace African, Muslim or some names with Hungarian or Hungary.

          • olga

            OMG – Viking is my buddy – he would never be a “racist” but just the fact that he calls himself Viking shows that like all of us, he relates to and seems proud of his own background – it is only a problem when someone believes that others are not entitled to the same pride.

            I actually haven’t noticed your replacing Leto’s comment with the word “Hungarian” but unless you ask me to “explain” either the original comment or your version of it, we are good 🙂

    • Bowen
    • anti-communist

      About the “interviewer” and writer of the piece:

      Köppel ist nicht mehr der harmlose Provokateur

      Nationalismus, christliche Werte und autoritäre Staaten, die sich unter russisch-deutscher Führung gegen die angelsächsische Weltherrschaft auflehnen – diese Themen erfreuen sich bei den europäischen Rechtsextremen immer grösserer Beliebtheit. Auch in der «Weltwoche». Regelmässig wird in diesem Blatt Putin verteidigt und um Verständnis für seine Politik geworben.

      Als Roger Köppel Chef der «Weltwoche» wurde, machte er sich als Provokateur einen Namen. Regelmässig schrieb er gegen das an, was er für den Mainstream hielt. Das war eine Weile teils unterhaltsam, teils ärgerlich, aber meist harmlos.

      Inzwischen ist Köppel nicht mehr der intellektuelle Exot, der die Seiten gewechselt hat und für ein gehobenes Tischgespräch sorgt. Inzwischen ist er ein mit Rekordergebnis gewählter Nationalrat, gesalbter Nachfolger von Christoph Blocher und Vordenker der SVP.

      Köppels Lehr- und Wandeljahre als Provokateur sind vorbei. Heute spricht er von Werten – und meint damit das Gleiche wie Orban.



      In other words: written by Putin-lover who doesn’t have a clue what European values are.

      • For your absolutely rotten libnazi ilk, those “European values” are:

        1/ “multiculturalism” (that is settling primitive Muslim migrant scum in Europe)
        2/ “free market” blah-blah (that is the interests of multinational corporations over people’s interests)
        3/ “gay rights” (that is trying to have people accept this sexual perversion as something normal)
        4/ internationalism, cosmopolitism, globalism (the rule of the very few over nations)

        • anti-communist

          I would already be happy if the “government” wasn’t filled with criminals. That doesn’t have much to do with being a liberal or not.

        • DeLeto

          You are simply an idiot.

    • …just wait until they translate that to Polish…

  • Putin, who does not use InterNet, then he obviously does not want to be ‘informed’, will sooner or later have to be aware about this song that just became the Ukraine contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest, and already Putin’s minions started to demand it should be banned, as the song from Georgia in 2009 “We Do Not Want to Put In”:

    1944 LYRICS – JAMALA
    When strangers are coming, they come to your house
    They kill you all and say
    We’re not guilty, not guilty
    Where is your mind, humanity cries
    You think you are gods, but everyone dies
    Don’t swallow my soul, our souls
    I couldn’t spend my youth there
    Because you took away my peace
    I couldn’t spend my youth there
    Because you took away my peace
    We could build a future, where people are free
    To live and love, the happiest time
    Our time
    Where is your heart, humanity rise
    You think you are gods, ha, but everyone dies
    Don’t swallow my soul, our souls
    I couldn’t spend my youth there
    Because you took away my peace
    I couldn’t spend my youth there
    Because you took away my peace
    I couldn’t spend my youth there
    Because you took away my peace
    I couldn’t spend my youth there
    I couldn’t have my homeland

  • We sympathize with the stance of the Hungarian leadership, the prime minister of Hungary to defend the European identity, the identity of their country, their people and if you do not manage that, we are more than willing to send in some “Green Men” to assist you…

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