March 4th, 2016

Quotable: a leader of the teacher protests on why pro-gov’t media has started a smear campaign against them

“We need to ask why this is happening. It is because the ones in power have begun to fear us. They see the strength in us and behind us, and that we are right.”

István Pukli, director of the Teleki Blanka Secondary School in Budapest and a leading figure of the teachers’ protest against over-centralization on why the pro-government media is digging into his family’s past and alleging “friendly ties” between him and disgraced Socialist politician János Zuschlag. []
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  • ViktorZorroban

    Orban doesn’t fear anybody. But as all good Hungarian Catholics know: “Thou shalt not use the name of our Glorious Leader in vain”. What Pukli & Co are doing, blaming our Magyar Savior, is pure blasphemy.

  • National Hiphop

    Leto will gladly volunteer to allege that Pukli wanted to have sex with him when he was a little boy around 1970 (It’s totally irrelevant that Pukli was born in 1979).

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