March 11th, 2016

Quotable: Economy Ministry announcement hints at Hungary becoming “tax haven paradise”

“More than seventy firms have indicated that they want to utilize growth tax loan, which would enable them to delay paying HUF 542 billion in tax.”

Last week’s announcement by the Economy Ministry. The Budget Responsibility Institute civil organization suspects that most of these firms are foreign and do their business abroad, which makes Hungary a “tax haven paradise.” []
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  • Yes, we all remember Fidesz hitting out against anyone putting their money INSIDE the EU, totally legal, but outside Hungary.
    Well before 2010, of course.

    After 2010 Fidesz has legalised real off-shore business-practice by the Hungarian State pays yearly Billions of money to shady West-Indian businesses selling Hungarian Residence Permits.

    And now, Hungary is suppose to do what Fidesz hated Cyprus, et all, for doing before 2010 – becoming a Tax Haven. We will see if they will be so successful as Cyprus and crash their economy totally…No wonder our Fideszniks were so upset that the EU-wide banking guarantee did not cover this kind of money to 100% in Cyprus, then they were already planning to do the same thing here.

    Fidesz has never been about Politics and Moral, but always about Pure Power.

    • Pali

      You, Mr. trouble courser, are totaly wrong again. Try reading the above again more closely. It does not refer to the Government, but to individual companies that deal abroad. If you want to look into truths, look before 2010, the Socialists. They were the corrupt liars and the thieves.

      • So, why would foreign companies like to take ‘growth tax loan, which would enable them to delay paying HUF 542 billion in tax‘ in Hungary, if this was not allowed by the Hungarian Government?
        Are you claiming that Fidesz has no control over companies paying taxes in Hungary, or not?

        The definition of a Tax Haven is a place where you put your money and pay less tax there than in the country where the profit was originally created. Fidesz before 2010 was against this, but now there are other tunes, then some money are to be made for Fidesz also.

      • National Hiphop

        Hey Palika, why don’t you come back later when you’ve learned some reading comprehension at school?
        Growth tax loan, does it ring a bell? Wasn’t introduced by Gyurcsány the last time I checked.

        • Pali

          I’m saying Gyurcsány and his cronies caused all the financial depression in Hungary before Bajnai became the king and the Socialist government broke down.

    • DeLeto

      OT. I watched a documentary on BBC today: “Britain’s Secret Slavery Business”. One part of the documentary was about the owner the company Kozee Sleep, who with the help of two Hungarian human traffickers employed a lot Hungarian slave workers. They worked for £10 a week.
      Why haven’t it been in the news here, or have I just missed it?

  • Havelaar

    Off topic.

    “Famously biased and unethical pro-gov’t journalist gets state award for March 15”

    Jesus Maria, it goes so slow over here. But anyway.

    I support this.

    I am sure he represents the Fidesz scum very well, as does our local nazi Fidesz paid troll called Leto. Working soooo, hard 24 hours a day/ seven days a week.

    I also expected an award for Petra Laszlo

    (as pictured over here)

    And of course Fidesz should award the racist anti-Semitic piece of shit called Zsolt Bayer with the highest honours possible.

    • Havelaar

      Here she is.

      • Havelaar

        And here is a great picture…of the nazi called Zsolt Bayer.

        I feel so sorry for Hungary that those creeps are representing them.

    • National Hiphop

      Ha-ha, just look at Leto commenting on this tweet: #Hungary’s non-partisan political international daily” posts more and more stuff from @georgesoros-paid
      Bencsik must be the poor creature’s role model

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