March 29th, 2016

Parliamentary committee takes 20 minutes clearing bill enabling PM Orbán free hand on spending

It took no more than 20 minutes for Parliament’s budget committee last week to approve a proposal that would authorize the prime minister to decide single-handedly on any state spending, reports

The proposal, which is said to be the brainchild of government office chief János Lázár, would exempt the government and Viktor Orbán from needing Parliament’s approval for spending from the state budget. This would mean that the government can issue a decree on a certain spending item and the resources will be automatically accounted for in the state budget. The last time this method was in use was before the change of systems in 1990. notes that the Fidesz-KDNP majority even turned down two opposition amendment proposals during the less than half-hour it spent on the proposal.

Economic site reported in early March when the word was out on Lázár’s proposal that Economy Minister Mihály Varga opposed it. also believed that introducing decree spending from the state budget would dent the chances for an upgrade of Hungary’s economy by ratings agencies, as it increases the unpredictability of state spending.

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  • Havelaar

    It took no more than 20 minutes for Parliament’s budget committee last week to confirm the fact that Fidesz Hungary is ruled by one person only. Kicking in an open door. Normal healthy people label Fidesz Hungary as an illiberal, anti-democratic, authoritarian regime.

    • wolfi

      Well, next year all laws will be submitted to parliament one day after they are in force …
      O is probably thinking:
      Why have a parliament at all?

  • op

    This time not even Neo-communism hits again. Good old fashioned communism. No need to discuss the fact, that it’s an outrageous bad idea to authorize one man to decide single-handedly on any state spending.
    Completely irresponsible behaviour, yet again, from the Fidesz-KDNP MP’s. Every single one have to be convicted for this when the day come and sanity returns, and the government collapse.

    • Havelaar

      Once the (real) opinion polls will inform this disgusting creep, called Orban, he will loose the next elections, he will abuse/impose the so called State of Emergency and cancel the elections.

      Correct me if I am wrong.

      • op

        Unfortunately, I would not be surprised at all if he use this tool. He is an opportunist who seems to have no limits when it comes to holding on to power. The stakes are high for him, since he made himself a criminal.

    • Vidra

      Except even Lenin recognised the importance of criticism and self-criticism; not even constructive criticism is tolerated under Ayatollah Orbán, except behind very closed doors.

      • Havelaar

        I agree, dear Vidra. Just thinking, what will happen once VO does understand he could be loosing the next elections? Just curious, interested in your point of view.

        • Vidra

          It depends whether he realises it before his band of shady characters. If he’s still in denial while they know the game’s over then the party will collapse, otherwise there will be new moral panics, more “no alternative” propaganda and a constant state of emergency with sudpension of elections and the Fundamental Laws, possibly with a Rákosi-style purge of the ensure loyalty by the survivors.

          Your opinion?

          • Havelaar

            Thanks for your reply, so depressing…but true.

          • Vidra

            The UK survived over 17 years of Margaret Thatcher and yet Orbán’s not fit to polish her handbag collection, let alone being likely to rule for that long. It’ll be all right in the end and, as John Lennon supposedly said, if it’s not all right then it’s not the end yet.

  • Democrat

    Why would Lazar come up with this? Orban for president, Lazar for PM…unbridled power…this must be the game plan.

    • Vidra

      He’re something for his trouble

    • seinean

      Many happy returns of the day, oh – beloved Leader !

    • seinean

      And one more for the road…

  • anti-communist

    The enthusiasm with which these parliamentarians vote to make themselves obsolete is seriously laughable. Of course bills like these are nothing else than a confirmation of a situation that already is and you can actually see the time that is being saved now of the minions voting as a winning.
    Sad as the situation is, I can only see it are pure slapstick.

  • …when 20 minutes feels like an eternity…

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