May 11th, 2016

Quotable: National Bank governor Matolcsy thinks he could only be held responsible for the activities of his immediate family

“One can only take responsibility for his or her own family. When I said my family did not have any offshore interest, I referred to my immediate family: to my wife, my two sons and myself. However, I have about a hundred cousins in Hungary and three or four hundred relatives all over the world.”

National Bank governor György Matolcsy, trying to explain why his relatives, above all his cousin, Tamás Szemerey, have been found to be connected to huge subsidies paid out by the central bank’s foundations. []
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  • Democrat

    Corruption takes two. The giver and the receiver. That the hapless Mr M seems to be connected to both sides would be enough for an immediate resignation in most civilized countries. But then Orbanistan……

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