May 28th, 2016

Quotable: Former PM Gyurcsány says he was “betrayed” on 10th anniversary of later leaked hard-hitting speech

“The truth is, I was betrayed twice. At first by some fellow Socialist leaders who wanted to see me fall, but were not smart enough the see the consequences […] The real betrayal was the one of Fidesz though, who abused the historic change they got by their two-third majority.”

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, on the 10th anniversary of the so-called “Őszöd speech” he made for the Socialist group of MPs. The speech, which was peppered with strong language and unusually honest statements of the real state of Hungary at the time, was leaked to the public in 2006 September. This was followed by riots in Budapest, which Fidesz greatly capitalized on the raise their popularity. []
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  • Pali

    Thats a good one. Gyurcsány was betrayed? I think turn that statement round, and say, “I Gyurcsány, betrayed the whole of Hungary and it’s people during my turn of office as Prime Minister.” You are a pieces of dirt, Gyurcsány, and you need locking up for good. You are a killer and a liar. Fidesz has not abused anyone. They have carried on with what they promised, bringing this country out of the misserable state you left it in Gyurcsány. Go to hell you Communist patkány.

    • National Hiphop

      So much about respect for your political opponents… Uncle Pali, I respectfully ask you to stop spreading your goddam shortsighted stupidity. If you need extra money to complement your pension, play some music instead of trolling for the thieving, lying, hatebreeding Fityisz!

  • Torok Zsolt

    This gyurcsany is more like Hitler. The most dangerous person who would like to return into politics. Stop him KNOW !!!

    • Havelaar

      Yeah….”Stop him KNOW”….hilarious. You are soooooo stupid.

      • National Hiphop

        Where are these dumb assholes are coming from, really? Has Kubatov mobilised the Fidesz troll army against this site? Not that they present a threat at all…

  • Democrat

    The truth, Feri, is that nobody really wants to hear from you these days.

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