June 14th, 2016

Quotable: state secretary for gov’t communication on what needs to be done under “terror threat”

“Under terror threat options need to be weighed up and decisions have to be made. There is no time for political debate.”

Bence Tuzson, propaganda ministry state secretary’s reply to a question on how the army’s deployment to Hungary’s southern border generated political debate last summer. The "terror threat" constitutional amendment was passed by Parliament last week. [444.hu]
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  • Havelaar

    But…but…there are no credible terror threats aimed at Fidesz Hungary at all. There are many Hungarians opposing this corrupt regime, that is all.

    “There is no time for political debate” Hilarious, since when is the illiberal Fidesz regime interested in political debates?

  • Democrat

    The Propaganda Ministry declares that there is not time for political debate. Now, under what sort of regime would one expect a statement like that?

  • “Under terror threat”

    Yes, ‘1984’ come to mind…

  • National Hiphop

    I have a very vivid image of Bence Tuzson in my head under REAL terror threat: he is wearing a paper bag on his head, sobbing, and making all sorts of promises to god including not assisting the thieving regime any more…

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