June 27th, 2016

Quotable: German manager of national football team on drawbacks of Hungarian mentality

“I would not call the atmosphere brave or positive by any means. This shows on the players, who need to be told again and again to take risks, hold their heads up high and be proud of the jersey they are wearing.”

Bernd Storck, the manager of Hungary’s national football team on the main challenge he and his staff had to overcome so that Hungary qualified and performed well at the European Championship. [444.hu]
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  • wolfi

    A hundred years ago the Austrians had to tell Hungarians what to do – now it’s a German coach …

  • fillet_of_soul

    All in all a respectable performance by Hungary, considering no one expected them to do anything. Their game against Portugal was probably the most exciting of the tournament. And aside from a few minor incidents our “fans” managed to thankfully not embarrass us too much. Or maybe they just know how to choose their battles and the hordes of English yobs and the ultraviolent Russian psychopaths looked like a losing bet. In any case it was nice to see Hungary shown to the world in a positive light for a change.

  • National Hiphop

    A long awaited success which has nothing to do with Orbán’s stadium building mania, therefore no-one should refrain from appreciating it because of that.
    (If you don’t care for football it’s a different story of course… 🙂 )

  • I have learnt two things about Bernd Storck the last few days;
    a) He was obviously the first National Coach to give the players some coherent material to study on their opponents. Previous coaches obviously just spoke about making Hungary proud, but pride does not win any battles, preparations does.

    b) Bernd Storck was also the first National Coach to block Whorban to visit/address team meetings.

    All in all, Bernd Storck seems to be a Real Professional Football Coach who rulez His Kingdom, regardless the political clowns on hand.
    As Lars Lagerbäck shown in Iceland, being professional and inspiring a team to great wins, has nothing to do with Nationalism, but all to do with team spirit

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