July 27th, 2016

Quotable: constitutional law scholar on the inevitable erosion of rule of law and free elections in Hungary

“The abolition of free elections started in 2014, and may continue in 2018 if it is needed for Fidesz to stay in power. The system is not only illiberal, it is not a democracy now either. An irreversible process has started, which leads to the erosion of checks and balances, of fundamental rights, and of independent judiciary.”

Gábor Halmai, scholar of constitutional law , chief adviser of later President László Sólyom as Head of Constitutional Court between 190 and 1996. [nol.hu]
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  • Havelaar

    Great statement.


    EU gives Poland three months to address concerns about rule of law

    • DeLeto

      “Why oh why…doesn’t the EU handle Fidesz Hungary the same way?”

      Because Hungary is a small and not very important EU member state.
      Orban is largely ignored by the leaders in the West. It seems that even the western journalists ignores him. When I watch news media from my home country, that be TV, newspapers and online news, Hungary is very rarely mentioned. Poland on the other hand is mentioned very often.

      Besides that, East Europeans are mostly mentioned in the crime section of the newspapers. So a small percentage of the East European economic migrants take up more space in the news than all the honest people who just want to earn a living and have a better life.

      • Havelaar

        Hi…great comment.
        Best wishes.

      • One, not unimportant reason is that Fidesz is member of EPP and hence ‘protected’.
        Poland’s PIS is fair game, then they are with a much less powerful party-group, which EPP/Socialists/ALDE like to bash.

        The day Fidesz leaves EPP, Hungary will get the same treatment as Poland.

      • Pörkölt
        • DeLeto

          From the article you linked to:

          “What criteria were used to place each country?

          Developing this power matrix is admittedly art, not science. “

          • Pörkölt

            Everybody has heard of Orbán but nobody knows the leader of your country.

          • DeLeto

            Most people in my country do not know who Orban is. What they know about Hungary is mostly from tourist brochures.
            Why should people in my country be interested in Hungary, it is just a holiday destination for some.
            I have never seen any hungarian products in any shops i nmy country, even I am sure there has to be a few hidden somewhere.

        • National Hiphop

          But of course, Pöri… I do feel for you, it’s not a nice job to troll this site. Hope you at least get some pieces of silver for doing it.

    • Pörkölt

      Because there are no problems with the rule of law in Hungary, so there is nothing for the EU to ‘handle’

      • DeLeto

        How many times has Hungary been forced by EU to cancel or change laws?

        I could mention a few:
        – Palinka tax
        – Ad tax
        – ”Tesco fee” – food chain inspection fee
        – The voucher system
        – The tobacco
        – Church law
        – – The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Hungary’s Counter Terrorism Center (TEK) may not conduct secret surveillance of private citizens without first obtaining judicial approval.

        – and surely much more.

        So there has been a lot for EU to handle and there is still a lot for EU to do about Hungary and other paria states. The right thing would be to put countries like Hungary in a sort of quarantine and stop the flow of money into those countries.

        There should also be established an European court for corruption, which should handle all cases which involves corruption, cheating or misuse of EU money and maybe even all public money, as the legal systems in some countries have shown to be unable or unwilling to handle those cases.

  • Pörkölt

    The international observes are free to monitor Hungarian elections. In 2014 there was no rigging and in 2018 they are welcome to come again and watch a real democracy (not rigged like in UK USA France)

    • As usual you are wrong, then there were criticism from OSCE against how Fidesz handled the elections 2014:
      “BUDAPEST, 7 April 2014 – The 6 April 2014 parliamentary elections were well administered and offered voters a diverse choice, but a number of factors provided undue advantage to the ruling party, international observers said in a statement issued today. These included the manner in which a large number of changes to the legal framework were passed, restrictive campaign regulations, biased media coverage and the blurring of the separation between a ruling political party and the state.”

      You are such a loser…

      • wolfi

        But the creature is funny in a way – and the pörkölt that my wife makes is really good too …

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