September 30th, 2016

Quotable: Fidesz MEP on residency bonds

“It’s a totally minor program, and it’s following the European mainstream […] I would say if I were your news editor that it’s a chickenshit issue.”

György Schöpfin, Member of the European Parliament for the governing Fidesz party on the government’s residency bond scheme, under which 9,735 residence permits have been granted to applicants and their family members since 2013. A Hungarian government bond costs €300,000. []
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  • wolfi

    30 million € – of which around 20% went straight into some mafiosi’s hands is of course only chickenshit for the Fidesz bosses, they’re used to larger sums …

  • Democrat

    But where is the 80%. If it had been used to reduce the debt we would have heard about it.

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