October 12th, 2016

Election Commt announces final result of quota referendum: turnout 43%, invalid votes over 6%

The National Election Committee established with a unanimous decision the results of the October 2 referendum on European Union migrant quotas. Of the 8,272,625 eligible voters, a total 3,646,334 cast their votes, including 3,506,618 at polling stations, 9,360 in Hungary’s foreign representative offices and 130,356 by mail. Turnout was 43.91% in polling stations, 83.34% in foreign representative offices and 47.47% by mail. Of the 3,643,055 voting slips submitted, 224,668 or 6.17% were invalid. Of the 3,418,387 valid votes, 56,163 or 1.64% were ‘yes’ votes and 3,362,224 or 98.36% were ‘no’ votes.

The election committee’s decision is not final, appeals can be submitted to the Kúria or supreme court within five days. Under Hungary’s referendum law, a referendum is valid if voter turnout is over 50%. It is considered conclusive if more than half of the valid votes are cast for the same answer.

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  • 3,646,334/8,272,625 makes 44.0771097444886%, which is not 43%.
    BUT if we only calculate the VALID votes, which seems to be the criteria here, then the accepted turnout was a mere 41.32167238331243%

  • Democrat

    “It is considered conclusive if more than half of the valid votes are cast for the same answer”. Now how did this statement (law?) creep into the equation? No surprise really that MTI does not mention that the referendum is invalid. Which is really the only outcome that matters.

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