October 25th, 2016

Quotable: Eva S. Balogh on the possibility of the left cooperating with Jobbik to unseat Fidesz

“Today I can imagine temporary cooperation with Gábor Vona’s Jobbik because I’m more and more convinced that without them there is no way to remove the Fidesz regime. I think that Gábor Vona is a great deal less dangerous than Viktor Orbán.”

Eva S. Balogh, the author of the popular left-wing blog Hungarian Spectrum, in a recent post detailing a possible opposition election strategy for 2018.
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  • The major difference may be that a “Jobbik” Government may self-destruct faster that they old Communists in Fidesz, otherwise one can discuss degrees in hell being the real difference, and that is not positive for Fidesz

    • National Hiphop

      Fidesz is now positively a hell-bent greedy bunch of Fascists, but I do wonder if Jobbik would have the same potential, considering where they started from and all that.

  • pantanifan

    “Temporary cooperation with Jobbik to remove the Fidesz regime”.

    OK, but then what happens after that? Surely what people who oppose Fidesz need is a realistic, potential alternative government with a long-term program/manifesto? Where is that going to come from?

    • Winston

      First step, is to get rid of Orbán,
      roll back most of his laws and
      establish a fair election law.

      After that there must be a new election, as a result, there probably will not be a 2/3 majority for anyone.

      • pantanifan

        What’s do Jobbik and people who have voted for Jobbik in the past get out of this? Or do you believe they would prefer DK/ MSZP instead of Fidesz?

        • Winston

          I think Fidesz would collapse without Orban and the voters will move to other parties, e.g. to Jobbik.
          If law gets restored and Peter Polt is removed, many of the criminals in Fidesz would go to prison (Orbán, Rogán in any case) (or seek asylum in Russia) and the rest of the bunch wouldn’t know what to do. They only know and are used to obeye and parrot their leader.
          It just would be a new start.
          The situation here is getting worse. Many people already don’t know the realitiy any more. They think the propaganda is true (raping migrants, evil Brussel and so on).

          Maybe this is only wishful thinking.
          I nearly lost my hope, that anything will change here.

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