November 5th, 2016

Quotable: Parliament’s deputy speaker on securing Jobbik’s support for constitution amendment

“It is both our conviction and hope that Jobbik is cowardly enough not to vote against the constitution amendment.”

Gergely Gulyás (Fidesz), Parliament’s deputy speaker responsible for legislation on the governing parties’ hopes for the parliamentary vote on the 7th amendment of the Basic Law accepted in 2011. The amendment aims to exclude any possible “forced migrant settlement” by the European Union to Hungary. The vote is to be held on November 8. []
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  • Calling somebody a ‘coward’ to get them to support you, seems a bit contra-productive, but maybe this is the SubmissionGene that Ákos Kertész, a Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian author, originally referred to..?

    • Pali

      You could equally say the same, when Jobbik threatened FIDESZ with the residency bonds, which was also a suggestion from MSZP.

      • No, you cannot, then attacking Fidesz’ off-shore selling of Hungarian Residence Permits to foreign criminals is the black-mail from “Jobbik” to support Fidesz in this Parliamentary voting.
        It is not about getting Fidesz to support “Jobbik”, which would be the equivalent.

        And MSZP is not including in this equation at all, this is just Fidesz and its unofficial support-party “Jobbik”

        • Pali

          It was the Socialist that made the suggestion that jobbik black mail FIDESZ/KDNP over the residency bonds. The idea of the residency bonds as blackmail was a lousy act, as the residency bonds have nothing to do with the constitution amendment. It proves one thing, Jobbik cannot be trusted to their word.

          • I think “Jobbik” is clever enough to come up with points to press Fidesz about and do not need a cue from MSZP, which you desperately must get into every post of yours.

            “Jobbik” has been hitting Fidesz over corruptions for years, so that is not a new thing for them and the residence bonds scheme with its off-shore black money to Fidesz gangsters totally officially is a shame for Hungary and the whole of EU. This type of schemes should be only available on EU-level and totally transparent for both the EU member states and from the country where these, normally criminals, come from.

            But you confirmed my evaluation at least…

          • Pali

            The ones that apply for residency bonds are not criminals. If they were they would never be accepted by the government.

          • How does the Hungarian Fidesz Government know if the person paying undeclared money in an off-shore tax-haven is not criminal?

            They do NOT check with China, Russia, etc, then the whole idea of having an off-shore tax haven is that the OTHER Government involved, like China, never hears about this money, then if they did – China would start a tax investigation how their citizen could amass that huge amount of money officially.

            This whole scheme with being able to pay in an off-shore tax-haven, where a minor part of the total fee, actually ends up at the Hungarian State, is just a way of selling EU-entrance for foreign criminals.

            The risk is that many/most of the people using this type of back-door into the EU are REAL criminals, not just cheating the Chinese, etc, tax authority.
            Of course they have to sign a paper that they are not criminals, but how to check that, when you cannot ask any other Government, then it is all a big secret…?

          • Pali

            If it was a secret, why does the government bring it to the fore? If it was criminal, why would it be published so much by the government? No, I believe these bonds are legit. I believe it is nothing more than the opposition parties that are creating a mountain out of a molehill. Besides, if these people coming into Hungary are legit, they would have all the appropriate documents, including visas to prove who they are, oh! and the money to pay their way instead of spunging off the government.

          • You are deliberately misunderstanding me, or you just do not get it?

            It is about the money that is used to BUY these bonds in an off-shore tax haven.
            That is in many/most cases not properly taxed money in the OTHER country, meaning Fidesz help Chinese criminals buy access to the EU.

            This is OK according to Hungarian Law, then Fidesz wrote those laws, but it is illegal in China and in many/all other countries in the world.

            You go and ask Fidesz for a list with all details who bought these bonds and then you go with that list to the Chinese Embassy and ask if these Chinese citizens paid taxes for those several hundred thousand Euros they used to pay these Fidesz-connected mafioso in off-shore tax havens in Bermuda, etc.

            Your first problem is that Fidesz/Government will not give you any list over these Chinese, then that list is secret, to protect these Chinese criminals.

  • Obviously “Jobbik” were not enough ‘cowardly’

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