November 11th, 2016

Quotable: Jobbik leader on why his party did not support Fidesz’s constitution amendment bill

“The only reason why we did not reach a consensus is that Viktor Orbán got used to everything being like he thinks it should be.”

Jobbik party leader Gábor Vona on why negotiations with Fidesz failed on supporting the constitution amendment bill on “forced resettlements”. []
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  • Good clearing that out, so we do not think it was from a principled stance…

  • ViktorZorroban

    Thanks to Terry Black, every Hungarian now knows that Vona is a sick bastard.
    To sign a petition to stop the Jobik perverts doing their filthy stuff, visit

    • Pali

      Oh dear, and here’s me thinking you was a respectable guy. I was wrong, knowing now what you watch on the internet.

      • ViktorZorroban

        Some good, old propaganda never killed any devoted Catholic!

  • Pali

    “The only reason why we did not reach a consensus is that Orbán Viktor got used to everything being like he thinks it should be”!!!! Orbán Viktor was elected on the knowledge that he thinks everything should be the way things should be in his view, which is correct. Anyone who is elected to a high position thinks the same, otherwise ones will jump on that person and contradict everything that person says. The change of the constitution law was for the country and the people of Hungary. If Orbán Viktor had thought his beliefs on a constitutional change were wrong, then why did he call a meeting of the other parties? The blinding reality of this meeting, is that every one at the meeting agreed on the same thing, to go ahead with the change in the constitutional law regarding the migrants. This included “JOBBIK”. It was also stated by the Socialist, excluding DK, that they were in favour of the agreement too. Just before the critical vote, the Socialist leader recomended JOBBIK black mail the government, using the resettlement Bonds issue. Saying they would vote in favour, if the Bonds were scrapped. Consequently, the vote went against the government. Considering JOBBIK is a party against illegal migration and the fact they went back on their word in the election, points to the fact they are totally irresponsible, and have no interest in thier country or their people. Can anyone even pretend that they would be a responsible party in charge of this country? Thier background has been pretty uncertain and insecure since the party was formed, so no one really knows who they are and what they really stand for. If Hungary gets flooded with migrants and terrorists in the near future, the people in Hungary know who to blame. Oh, and don’t forget the nasties from the Socialists who didn’t vote in favour. Oh, and another thing, DK had something to do with the way the vote went even though Gyurcsány said his party would not vote. Scum of the earth.

    • Democrat

      Did you forget the little detail that Orban vote FOR this scheme?

    • BudapestCalling

      What crap are you spouting. Grow up! Leaders, in real democracies, are elected by the people, for the people, they are are employed to listen and act on the will of the nation. Not manipulate and intimidate the nation.

      I know thats alien to your mentality; when you hear Prime Minister, you think leader, and you follow, but thats not the truth.

      • Pali

        I quite agree with you, in a Democratic world, leaders are elected by the people to stand for the people, thats just what the majority of people in Hungary did with Orbán Viktor. That is just what Orbán Viktor has been doing for the past six years, standing for his country and his people. Thats what the referendum on migration was about, to allow the people to put their opinions over in a democratic way. It is not Orbán Viktor that is “intimidating the nation”, as you put it, but the opposition parties with their lies and deceit. It is the opposition parties that are trying to manipulate the government, not the other way round. The truth is, it is the opposition parties that are corrupt, and full of missery. It would be a good idea if you and others got your information from a correct souce and sort the truth.

        • BudapestCalling

          In a democratic world, you have a free press, you have an independent judiciary system, an independent central bank, no intimidation from skin heads if you try to pass a question to parliament, and no fear of losing your job or being physically hurt if you speak out.

          A strong opposition also leads to good democracy.

          Also, ‘Democrat’ is right, Orban did vote yes to the burden sharing of migrants at the EU, before the referendum.

          His stupid show of domestic strength, which he still lost, was only done to make money for his friends via the massive media spend + lie to, scare and brainwash the section of society, who only get their information from National TV, National radio and street advertising.

          People like you.

          • Pali

            Brainwash!!!!! It sounds to me as though you are one who has been brainwashed. I’ve listened to the opposition media, and I am aware what is going on. They are sick. You are totally wrong about FIDESZ.

          • BudapestCalling

            Brainclean!!!! Sure you listened. But you didn’t comprehend. I gave you 4 examples of anti democracy in my last post. There’s 100’s more.

            I respect the fact you are passionate and write good English. I guess by saying ‘opposition media’ you mean Népszabadság etc, silenced by FIDESZ; not the international media, or are they all sick as well.

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