December 13th, 2016

Quotable: gov’t office chief Lázár on why gov’t is not responsible for disastrous results of PISA education survey

“Why should the Human Resources Minister resign? He did not teach the Maths lesson.”

Government Office Chief János Lázár believes they cannot be held responsible for the deteriorating performance of Hungarian students in the PISA international education survey. However, the law on public education introduced by the Orbán-government in 2011 drastically reduced the autonomy of teachers in influencing the curriculum. Draw your own conclusions. []
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  • Yes and the local Police Officers are responsible for criminality, Nurses for bad hospital care, etc.
    Always somebody down-stairs to blame, just like in the Good Ol’ Times, where Hungary is repelling Hungary into

    • pantanifan

      And presumably a junior clerk in the immigration office is responsible for this one?

      Fidesz MPs prevent setting up investigative cmttee for case of Saudi businessman Pharaon wanted by FBI [HU link] …

  • Walkman

    Yes, he did not teach the maths lesson because he would probably fail it himself.

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