January 6th, 2017

Quotable: former ombudsman László Majtényi on why he is accepting nomination for being President of Hungary

“I am well aware of the chances, but I am also aware that a possible nomination opens up possibilities and comes with a special responsibility in discussing our common affairs.”

László Majtényi, scholar of constitutional law and former ombudsman in his statement in which he accepts the nomination of a civil group to be the contender of János Áder for Hungary’s presidency. Majtényi also stated that decision makers should support him only if they agree with four conditions: 1. the restoration of the republic on the basis of Hungary’s constitutional traditions, 2. providing voters with a real possibility to replace the government from time to time, 3. alleviate the current intolerable poverty, 4. the state really puts up a fight against institutionalized corruption. [hvg.hu]
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